5Toubun no Hanayome

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Vol. 8 Ch. 61 - Scrambled Eggs โ‘ 
You know you're in danger when he looks like he's trying to be slightly Jojo.
Gosh, ended here after I thought about something.

Miku you sly fox, you actually planned this, you are the only one not surprised to find Fuutarou here.
Gimme de BORGAR
No bulli of Itsuki please. And Miku, go for it! #TeamMiku
The author just loves drawing in little clues, pretty much every chapter. This time they are standing side by side, and he draws their hands to look like they are holding hands.

Are people SERIOUSLY not seeing all this?
Nooo miku make your move pls

Damnn that smile from nino tho

The father is such a pain in the ass, wish he died.

I spit liquid out. Not joking. I shouldn't be laughing but it caught me off guard. TY. I needed a laugh because this series has me pretty much glued / frozen in place. So dang good!
Let me get this straight: Ichika, the first-born, was previously the smug sister, but she stopped being smug because of plot development. Now Nino, the second-born, is smug. Does that mean Miku gets to be smug the next time the plot turns?
An Itsuki with fries, plis. (Also, that smug face is sharp.)
stop itsuki fat joke !!! xD
the definitive "oh shit" moment
No wonder she seems so aloof, her processing power is 90% dedicated to the plan.
A fried brain when Nino's on the mind? Well, with how it was confessed in the last chapter, why wouldn't it? Plus, that Itsuki burger, pfft! GJ scanlators on the nice jokes.

With the Nino Smug, can't deny that she's changed her cards from being the repenter (staying on the side, but bumbling about the love) into being the Marika and hatching a plan. Y'all other girls, best be prepared for war.

Very much liked what there was for Miku, seeing that it felt like she was falling in the last few chapters. Also, I'm sure she's talked more than she did on that one page... or was that not when Fuutarou was around?
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Man I'm rooting for Ichika but that Nino Smug makes me wanna root for Nino omfg
That Nino though
@Markgraf It appears that we all share the same theory that all five girls are gonna kiss him. The thing is, how?

Since Miku is laying low for now I guess that you're right about her getting motivated thing spanning this over a few days is also the most likely scenario.

However, now that Nino has evolved into a smugdere, I believe that she's going to be the one who gets the first kiss. And Yotsuba has been sneaky in the past so maybe she is going to design a form of "accident" if you know what I mean. Or she's gonna outright kiss him in front of her dad idk.

Here's my prediction order:
    Ichika or Itsuki; I don't have enough info to predict these two but I'm guessing that Ichika would try and act mature as firstborn and ends up accidentally letting Eatsuki take fourth place.../ol]

    But the father's here now when he used to be a background character so I'm guessing that there will also be a bit of behind the scene of why the father chose to get them five going. He will probably also be an obstacle in the quints getting to Fuutarou.

    Also, remember the fire dance thing where all five held Fuutarou's hand at the same time to make the ending still a mystery? I'm expecting some sort event alike this.
That credits page was priceless! Eatsuki as a burger, lmao.
Lots of Miku this chapter - life is good.
Smug Nino is smug for a good reason; she wanted Fuutarou to be conscious of her, & boy is he ever, so much so that he's on the verge of falling unconscious.

@shoker @boag Yep, I think 5 kisses is in the works. Here's some thoughts about it:
They might not all happen here at the hot springs because a) we've got the Daddy Wars as an interesting variation in the fireworks program,
& b) having the kisses spread out over a few days makes sense in light of the different girls reactions to Nino's confession.
Ichika witnessed the confession but hasn't told any of the others & is apparently still dithering about her own course of action. She's definitely taken aback to see Fuutarou at the hot springs, so there's even more pressure on her to do something about her own feelings. I think she's the top candidate for being kiss #1.

Miku is having a major slump & is retreating back into her cocoon. Whoever gets first blood with the kiss, I believe Miku will witness it, which will shock her into resuming her drive to win Fuutarou.

Nino is riding high right now. Despite the author's trolling at the end of last chapter, having Nino be complacent & have two sisters get their lips on Fuutarou will reset the field. That takes us back to square one but still presents progress for more ships. That seems to be Negi's genius with this story.

The Dark Horse Theory - Right now, Yotsuba & Itsuki haven't yet disembarked from the SS WHATISLOVE. Negi could spread chaos across the battlefield engineering a kiss from one of these two -

WAIT! Yotsuba has already kissed Fuutarou! The whipped cream incident! Her stealth campaign is way deeper & more crafty than I gave it credit.
Okay, my head is spinning too much. Time to open another beer & begin the wait for the next chapter.
@DANDAN_THE_DANDAN MIKU IS LOVE ! MIKU IS LIFE ! she will get her kiss!!
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