Shinde kudasai! Yuusha desho?

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3
Just let them die. It's never mentioned mc doesn't feel pain. They're sadistic. If they were looking like bandits instead of cute girls mc would either kill them or leave them
He should kill the bandits(party members) and loot them!
That should give him a nice starting capital for his adventure!
But instead he's just gonna be a slave instead...
oh god....
so this is pretty much Kazuma with Subaru's powers.
I think I will enjoy this
I see, this trash likes to be humiliated.
@mahtan yeah I'd kill these bitches and move on, they are toying with someone else's life for their own gain, it's only reasonable if i does the same.
He is immortal, if he don't like what is happening why not just kill those three?
Fuck, this story makes no sense and the basic of the plot depends on the stupidity of our protag... how something like this can be popular...
NVM I know how...
this manga would be alot funnier if the girls were fucking the mc left and right
He should have stopped them from escaping - if they die - the contract would end and he'll be free

We'r hitting isekai male MC beta cuck levels which shouldn't be even possible...
Death jokes have never been this funny
Inori is cute I say.
Soooo, they mock the MC for thinking he was sacrificing himself to save them, when he just forgot that he could get summoned...
But he actually did save them, like for real... And not even a thanks, nothing but mockery?
And then you think about it, the fact that they didn't think of going through the hole in the wall instead of the door... or that they have a teleportation stone, that they clearly intended to use from the start...

The art is OK, the charadesign isn't shit, but damn those cringy dialogues (I checked the raw, it's not the translation, it's bad from the start), those useless unlikable characters with crap personalities and that plothole filled dumb story.
I'm unfollowing this shit. I'll check back in a few month to see if this has become a revenge manga... if not, too bad.

I'm so pissed off that crap like this gets published when more talented people with better stories still aren't
Not being able to just drop dead is a frikkin' curse.
Nice Dooraga
god this is extremely cringy but i cant stop reading it
>break a wall
>enter the room
>trap activates
>try to exit trough the closing door instead of the broken wall
>doesn't even try to break another wall
i hate mangas that don't even try.
- Normal people of that world probably can't respawn. People die when they're killed, y'know.
- Killing someone (who can't respawn) isn't as easy as it sounds unless you're a psychopath at heart.
- They run to the door might be because it's closer or just simply panicked.
- They didn't use the tele stone might be because it cost money and or they tought they can reach the door before closing. Then the "coolame" MC shoved them out of the room before she can even use it.
- This isn't konosuba nor trying to be konosuba.

p.s. i don't personally like this mango
Wtf why didn't they just go out the hole they came in from
i think the girls should have a taste of their own medicine.
they revive too right? I think they normally revive at church, while hero rivive on the spot instead.
edit: if that's true, their world's mortality rate depends on age I guess
This is Look like Undead Hero Meet Konosuba
Which make this horrible is FMC is Unlikeable.
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