Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.

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Vol. 13 Ch. 171 - A day without mom
Whoa, so sudden. The author decides to insert some story through drama. I hope it's good.

Tadano to save the day!!
What the fuck with that kid
> Likes mabo tofu

Yorokobe shoujo, perhaps her dad is a certain smiling priest.
Kinda surprising people think this manga is only about Komi-san's komyu-shou after the smorgasbord of characters and characteristics that exhibit the author's focus on how people sometimes misunderstand each other, and how that can be as moe as it is problematic.
Man Tadano and Komi are gonna eat a lot of happy meals

There were some people who did not understand the drama, so I commented mainly to try and help out with that. I actually made the account for that purpose.

But as for those saying that this drama was "forced", I thought about it for quite a bit because I wanted to make sure I wasn't blinded by my love for the manga, and I concluded that this was not forced drama.

Forced drama, by definition, states that the drama either has to be stupid by nature or that the characters have to behave unnaturally to elicit the drama.

Due to the nature of Rei's disorder and the fact that her personality has been built around it, portrayed through multiple red flags in the preceding chapters, you can't really say that the drama is "stupid", nor that she behaved out of character.

Therefore, by definition this chapter was not forced drama. Though I do understand the problem people have with it. It was a bit exaggerated. Sokechuu didn't deserve to die. But that has little to do with it being considered forced drama.

So what most of you meant to say was, "It was exaggerated." or "I didn't like it." But calling it forced drama is a bit inaccurate.
@N0Mi0 YES I totally agree with you. For a while, I thought Tadano and Komi's relationship was just going to be baited to keep the story slice of lifey and unchanging with the 100 friends thing as a comedic point, but things have definitely become more serious. I really like it because I still feel like everything funnels back to Komi's character development, and they'll come back to that 100 friends thing at the end when she reflects on how's changed and grown.
Can't wait for the ship to sail...
Tell you what, from my perspective, I can see the author touching the drama field little by little. If you'd binge through the series, you'd see that it changes it's mood throughout the years.

In the very beginning it was a "One Chapter (friend) - One Character" status quo series, then it quickly started moving the whole "100 friends" idea at the background, to the point where they even stopped doing omake in which they count all new 'friends' that Komi made. Instead, for some time the series became very heavy on the comedy side, mainly thanks to the big screen time of Najimi. And I'd say the comedy was pretty damn good.

For whatever reason, some time after, the author and editors decided to change the series from a Status Quo Comedy into a Subtle Continuity SoL with a slow romance. Basically, some kind of a weekly romcom. That is to say: not much romance, not much comedy, people being people in-between. Thing is, if you read some romance manga, you can see what's going to happen after this stage, if they're going this way. To make a slow romance develop, mangaka usually use a love triangle and drama.

Er? What was it about this gyaru girl falling for Todano for the last 20 chapters? I thought is was just a comedy!~

The series have long stopped focusing on its original topic (Komi fixing her communication problems), which was actually it's selling point, and now is slowly and somewhat cautiously mainly focuses on the romance between the main duo, while having a lot of basically plot-unrelated chapters. In this very chapter we have seen the first actual drama moment in the whole series. Originally it was a light-hearted 4-comaish comedy with little continuity aside from a slowly rising number of friends.

TL;DR It looks like the series will focus on romance and drama in the nearest future. It's long stopped being about the Komi's communication disorder and the level of comedy has dropped significantly in favor of arbitrary slice of live stories.

Does it mean it's no good anymore? Heck, you tell me, but we all read it nonetheless even now, right? It's just that now we kinda just come to see whether Komi and Todano have become closer, instead of looking for some good comedy.

P.S. Do you remember how Todano claimed he was regularly doing talking sessions with Komi in the first chapters? Er, too bad the author forget about it, huh. Also, what 100 friends?
This just makes me shed a tear... time for Tadano to save the day.
Nonononoooooo...... This is. Not happening, so sad........ :'
Poor kid has to feel that way just to sad...
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People who couldn't understand why Rei acted that way, are like
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Komi : excuse me what the fuck
I would love to hear what part of this turn of events that has been pretty obviously built up for several chapters now was "forced"
So nobody picked up on the intro page that kinda showed rei's dealings in the past that kinda propelled this reaction into being?
@notyurinotinterested, well then, you think wrong of what i mean, sorry.

People that actually bothered to put a strong-front in the first place wouldn't so easily broke said front themself without proper reason or persuasion, kids included, which is the exact problem i was having with why Nacchi chose to took Sokechuu with her. Right now it totally felt like the only reason Nacchi suddenly do that was purely for the sake of drama by having Nacchi broke the toy she cherished that is a memento of her happy moments spent with the Komi and Co. as a symbolism of her own disbelief that she can be happy.

At this point, i feel like we are kinda changing the characterization of Nacchi as we see fit to support our own argument, unfortunately. (-_-')

"I don't understand why a child who's clearly only putting on a mature-looking front due to reasons already stated in this thread and would normally be at the maturity level of a child is acting like a child her age." is what you mean, I think.
Next chapter prediction:

Tadano finds her

'nuff said
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