Spirit Sword Sovereign Chinese (Simp)

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Ch. 40
People here talking about female characters aren't realising that many Asian cultures, especially Chinese and Japanese, encourage girls to act dumb to attract men.
@firefox1234 If you're into cyber punk, you might like Haxor on webtoons.com - the official site :) It took a lot of inspiration from a classic, Shadowrun. The MC there is a kick-ass girl, rocking an awesome afro! :D
@DonGiovanni what annoys me the most is that you will have a kick ass FMC then once she pairs up with MC she turns into the typical damsel in distress. I prefer my Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail) characters over the Sakura(Naruto) and Asuna(SAO)
@firefox1234 yeah, have to agree with you there. At least there are some good ones. Even in manga. I've always loved Battle Angel Alita. ?
MC's Waifu :
- Body : Very Hot
- Face : Supreme
- Trait : Clumsy, Kind, Caring, Lovely
- Martial Arts = [Maybe Very High, But Blocked by something]
Lucky Bastard MC,
@DonGiovanni Asian cultures are definitely still more conservative than western ones but the west doesn’t do any better when it comes to female characters to be honest. Most female characters across the board are used more for their eye candy than plot development...

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protect the waifu
ugly oldman... you should not frame to much.
But Don-kun. You can find pleanty of strong(ish) women in mangas too :(
Tsun... dere
Yand... dere
Kyuu... dere.
Nevermind -.-
@Yamibi welcome to manga/anime - they like their women dumb & cute. I hate it, too, but unfortunately it's a common theme.

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Why this girl has to be so .... clumsy to say it most elegantly. Is she acting or is she 6 y.o.