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Ch. 160 - Uninvited Guests (1)
Tsubasa's brother can take I hike, I'll take Hotaru.

160 chapters, or however many days, weeks or months that translates into, of the same character making the same mistakes isn't good writing or character development. There's a reason people get fuckin' pissed at harems and romances especially. It's hardly in character, especially considering how much Yuu just chewed her out for this kinda shit, among other things.
"that guy's a siscon, a class 1 danger!" lmaoo hes not wrong
@JordanFurneaux I actually think that how Tsubasa is acting is quite... in character for her. I honestly feel like there's a big change in her character because she recalled the 'accidental kiss' between Yuu and Tendou and was immediately visibly depressed as well as she recognized the reasons why she was depressed. Whereas before, she would try to shrug it off and excuse her behaviour... so I think at least she's more obvious and honest about her feelings. However her reluctance to admit to Yuu about her knowledge has me triggered... but I feel like they will resolve that soon especially given that Yuu actually knows way more about the situation than he lets on to Tsubasa.

I feel like the problem with webtoon style format is that it doesn't flow at the same pace as a regular manga chapter would. I think that if this were converted to the traditional format of manga (i.e. roughly 20-30 pages per chapter), this work might actually span about 40-50 pages. So in actuality, 160 chapters of development isn't actually that much.... at least in webtoon format.

anyways you shouldn't need to apologize for your comments or opinions, it's quite refreshing to see fleshed out thoughts regarding the story so you should continue leaving them if you feel the need to ? i also really love the awkward but charming tone of this chapter. it was quite endearing and really nice to read after the suspense surrounding natsume/araki.
I personally don't have an issues with characters who are flawed, not every person is perfect, in fact flawed characters are often more entertaining. My issue with the recent development is more that she still maintains the same character flaws after 160 chapters of development. I would have expected her to improve by now but it seems as though the author likes to reset her character development to add drama. I also don't particularly have any issues with cliché's being used, but there is a difference between incorporating a cliché and relying on one, ultimately it comes down to execution which is where this falls short. Having said that I actually rather enjoyed this chapter, none of the characters acted irrationally and it was a breath of fresh air. I would appreciate if it continued with this awkward but quite charming tone, but we all know that it won't for now. However, as long as the drama doesn't last too long (which I fear it might) and we get back to this awkward but charming and lovable tone soon, I won't particularly mind.

P.S. I apologise if you are getting annoyed with my long-winded comments, this will probably be the last one until the next arc as I have pretty much said all I need to say. Sorry.
I want more Tendo!!
Man their reactions of her brother finding out. ?