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Vol. 2 Ch. 12 - Here comes a new Challenger
I just realized why i like this so much.

A lot of the character design and delivery reminds me of Guilty Gear
Thank you for the TL's!

...Does that guy just wear armor over his naked body? Who does that???

So bandage guy is an ok person? Doesn't excuse the kill stealing, but cool
After re-reading this chapter for the fifth times I'm noticing numerous typos and grammar errors I usually don't make but I was quite tired after spending a full week translating this volume, sorry about that.
But, oh well, now it's released, so I don't even mind those typos anymore :/ also the official volume release is in less than two weeks, that should be enough for you to know if you want to support the manga or not.
From now on, releases should be one chapter a week, hoping I won't suck that bad on future releases :p