Junk the Black Shadow

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Vol. 3 Ch. 20 - Wandless and Sorcerers
It's funny how the concept of people hating on those who are different or those they aren't familiar with is evident in most of these manga. Don't you wonder how exactly is that the people who read these manga that are racists, xenophobics, or supremacists can come to terms after reading stories that contradicts their world view? ?
There's your chance, you idiot! If you play this well, you can eliminate a large number of your enemies at once! By participating in this fight as a representative of your school, you can throw around the names of various chumps like Iris and Kamiya, getting them involved and making them targets of the Order as well. I'm sure the trap could help you compromise the integrity of the school and everyone associated w/ it too.

...Unfort, Junk's probably not smart enough to pull it off though.