Yuki Nee-chan no Kan-nou Gokko

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Vol. 1 Ch. 2
these kids need a safe word lmao
Toyed ?
Thats why, kids, ntr shouldn't breach into your brains. The is no "drama" tag and there is a "comedy" one . No place for you ntr, dummys.
Many thanks for the detailed explanation; it does make sense given what's occurred so far.
While aware of anime/manga/etc. since the 1980s, it's only the last several months that I've been immersing myself in it via the scanlation and related sites, so I lack the context to spot some of these things.

Although I will agree with @Vigo_to_Vigo, "common sense" to a great degree is derived from life experience, and their background isn't presented such that I'd be willing to credit them with that much maturity; I certainly didn't have it at that age! Hell, I didn't have it at twice their age...
Came here for the glasses, stayed for the glasses. Nuff said.
@anon763 Its because most manga MCs are teenagers.

You are expecting two characters under the age of 17, that have never been in a relationship, to be more mature and emotionally intelligent than at least half of all adults are.
We are meaning NTR as infidelity. While I think netorare technically refers specifically to "stealing away" the girl, as opposed to one-off cheating or agreed-upon cuckolding, it's frequently used as a shorthand for general sexual/romantic infidelity in all forms, especially by those of us who hate it all and don't care much to distinguish. If you keep in mind why she's doing what she's doing, infidelity seems like a very obvious topic that comes up in the sort of material she takes reference from, so it's something that might easily come into the story.
In chapter 1 it was already briefly suggested that she might have tried to look for someone else if he hadn't agreed to it. While she did go on to say "Like hell I could ask anyone else", and I hope that was intended by the author to shoot down the idea from the get-go, it's still a very real possibility for this kind of situation, especially as things progress and we have a combination of i) increased confidence, ii) broader and possibly more extreme interests, and iii) emotional confusion and potential drama once one (or both) of them inevitably starts thinking about being more than "playmates".
It is related to the idea of them not knowing their boundaries though, since that's one of the biggest and most ruinous lines you can cross. That's why, even though this chapter didn't do anything suggestive of NTR directly, it still got brought up in the comments, because poorly defined limits are the kind of situation where it thrives and ruins everything.

I don't even think "research" is necessary. Just a bit of common sense. Whenever I see stories like this I can't help ask myself why on Earth the MCs didn't sit down before they did anything and say to each other "here's what we're doing, here's what we're never doing, and here's how we keep things under control". That seems obvious to me and I'm just a volcel who's never held a hand, so I can't understand why so many manga MCs don't think of it, if not from the beginning then at least once they've gone home and reflected after the first session.
When your script calls for ignoring a request to stop... don't be surprised when your request to stop is ignored.

Safe words, indeed.
Something to inform the other(s) that you are stepping outside the role, that this is for real, not roleplay.

While he was a reluctant participant, this wasn't as great a concern, as the likelihood of his pushing a scene was low.
Now that he's starting to enjoy watching her reactions, the likelihood of his unknowingly continuing after she really has decided she wants to stop increases significantly if there is no pre agreed upon method of breaking the scene to discuss what's going on. Really, that's what happened just now.

This really should be a wakeup call for them.
Unfortunately, it looks like she hadn't done any research on how this type of thing should be done, and as it wasn't anything he'd been interested in previously, he hadn't a clue.

She's working from the various manga she's read, and the thing with those is that what's being portrayed may not match best practises; that will depend upon whom the manga was actually targeted at; if it's targeted at those who get off on non-consent, no way are they going to show proper practice for those roleplaying at it.

That does not excuse him from not doing research now; after all, they just experienced his pushing things beyond what she wanted to do because her resisting was scripted into the play and thus he didn't realize that she really did mean it, and they discussed that afterwards so he has to be aware that it's a very real problem.

A number of previous commenters used the abbreviation NTR, which I've determined is short for netorare.
It's unfortunate that the English Wikipedia redirects that term to infidelity, as from the use here I'm thinking that what's being referred to is shifting from consensual to non-consensual without the one party realizing that the other has ceased to consent, which is very different from infidelity.
This is why safe words were invented, kids.
I don't trust this manga at all. I'm not going to stop reading yet, but if it starts looking like it's going NTR I'll drop it immediately for three or four chapters, and only consider coming back if reading through the comment sections convinces me nothing ever happened in that regard.
Well, she doesn't know the beast within soul of man
fyi, the book title on the last page is about doing it behind the school so that's probably what happens next.
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Damn, the blueball and childhood-friendzone are doing a double combo attack. I wont be surprised if NTR comes into this manga. So imma just leave the fk away before that happens.
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