Hatsukoi Zombie

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Vol. 14 Ch. 131 - Dad Returns
I must be as gay as Tauro, then.

Ririsu: Girl's got issues, no thanks.
Ebino: Proof that the artist has never been in close contact with a large-breasted woman. I like her personality, but I hate the way she's drawn.
Eve: Pretty and nice, but dedicated to her man so it wouldn't happen. Tauro should make her jealous so she gets pissed off and can touch him, then engage in the most epic hatefuck of all time.
TauroMom: Sure, why not. So what? I'm closer to her age than any of the other characters, and Japanese women usually age well in my experience.
TauroSis: Fuck no, she needs a good kick in the head.
Amakusa: Yep.
Granny: Nope.
Alice: Hell yeah.
Twin tailed friend: Nope, she's too devious for me.
V2 up. Dad's TS redone to reflect the raws and one line was rewriten because I wasn't satisfied with it in retrospect.
@ebinoz seems like we’re both looking forward to the coming chapters then :)
Thanks for your good work, regardless on whether you’ll continue to provide us with your alternate translation, or whether you’re done for now. Even as I was somehow annoyed when somebody had jumped ahead and posted spoilery chapters, I had a really good time when I could finally read several chapters in one sitting. Thank you.
@voliol they'll do it first for sure, I gave up after seeing the amount of work they were putting on theirs (like redrawing and ts). I don't agree with some translations of theirs but at least they'll provide quality scanlation at a decent speed (because they're a team and not just one person like me). I just wish they were a little more quicker, it's gotten really interesting recently and it feels like we're in the final arc already.
Looks like #dropout is closing in on ebinoz, I wonder who will get to chapter 133 first.
"you wouldn't believe the things I've seen" is the impression i get from the last page.
@ultraleaf Doting parent that prefers the daughters? maybe due to the things he's seen he might not think his male kids as "pure."
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TBH, I don't like flatties, so if that makes me gay, then so be it. >_> *prepares to dodge projectiles from flatties and flatties-lovers*

(Responding to the credits page at the end)
What's up with him only towards them he's emotionless