Kami-sama no iru Keshiki

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - Gathering Of The Gods
Holy crap, Sakura's arm is huge.
Yepp, but wouldn't it be over rather quickly?

"Let's here the report from different Islands. Koedo Island, Sakura." "Okay. I'm reading from my magical, super cool scrollthingy and it tells me...everything is okay....I guess?"
"Fine. Next one to the right. Status?" "Everything normal."
"Okay. Next. Status?" "Doing absolutely okay."
"Okay. Next. Status?" "Nearly perfect as always."
"Okay. Next. Status?" "Volcano eruption. But nature has to recover, so this is also normal. Also I need a load of new followers next week."
"Okay. Next. Status?" "Nothing new heeeree! And I'll ship you some. They are spilling everywhere any ways."
"Okay. Next. Status?" "Slightly dwindling numbers in believers and faith. I've send them on a witchhunt. This will only slightly decrease the number of believers, but greatly of those free spirited ones. Full faith will be restored in a few weeks. I will make sure of that. *evil smirk* They are spilling everywhere any ways." *everyone snickers*
"Very well, Yuto-san. Next. Status?" *zzz* ...

But is just my guess.
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Cute but I wanted to know what kind of issues a bunch of gods gather to discuss.