The Hero is a Girl?!

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Ch. 29 - Sniper
It has been a couple of weeks and the new chapter isn't released yet? :(
any know the novel link ?
So this is just an idea.
Theory 1:
This is all a dream when he gets captured.
Theory 2:
This is set years into the future when he acc kills the supreme pontiff but tht guy with the feathers on his head travelled worlds and erased their memories and stuff. Author did this to speed up the plot. (i think) and luna's memories keep resurfacing and then erased again, hence the notebook before. This time Salan is here and they are gonna do some shit.
P.S Salan talks about the 'thing' he did with Luna and i think he fucked her.
Thanks a lot for the new chapter!!
I still want to know what the fuck is going on