Marry Me!

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1
The... age difference... just what. Also, I sincerely hope no one from my government reads this series ?
The art style kinda reminds me of Chika Umino
Whoa, the boss knew how idiotic this law is and actually shows his displeasure but couldn't do anything. Points for him.
I was expecting they weren't going to mention how messed up it is that the government is getting involved in the bedroom, but it was "the diet's idiotic entirety made this stupid failure of a law!"

It's like FEMA or ACA or Michelle's lunch program.

Also husband and guardian is strange. Rather than marriage shouldn't he be adopting this girl? She's struggling to feed a cat, and you expect her to raise children?
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Back in the day, women would get married against their will as they are typically unable to care for themselves. Also, considering the fact that they are the "emotional gender", forcing them into a family situation is what allowed society to grow in the right direction.

Notice now, with the age of marriage so high, and with the amount of single people (some promiscuous, some not), society is reverting to lesser forms. People are generally less happy than they were back when times seemed "harsh and oppressive".

I wonder if as a society we will degrade so much, that the cycle of society resets back to a time where arranged/forced marriages are a thing again.
ooo i kind of like this. the girl didn't fall for him only because the guy helped her during a tough situation, and the guy didn't marry her Just to keep his job. he wants to marry her to help her live for herself (and to keep his job lol) and she agreed because what he said hit close to home (i assume....)

edit: mayhaps i spoke too soon but its still ok
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