High School Girl Kingdom Tokyo

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - An Important Lie
@weasalopes nice.


for now i just continue reading this cause interested in mc way of thinking
@Velsy my guess is that the aliens observed him and decided "JK girls are the best so lets turn all of humanity in JKs"

and that she wants to meet him in order to ask him if they're really JK
How does that Alien know about the MC ? Has she met him in the manga so far ? even checking chapter 1 and 2, I couldnt find anything except the girl wearing trousers, but thats definitely not her. Will it be explaing why the alien leader has a fixation on him already ?

That being said, this manga is bizarre, but its interesting and random I guess. I dont mind that.
So this is chapter 2 or 3?
@Weasalopes I like it. Keep em essays coming.

I'm way over-educated, and an awful lot more thoughtful than I was thirty years ago, back when I first encountered anime & manga here in the US while in grad school (University of Arizona, Tucson, Masters in Library Science, 1987-1988 school year).
I wouldn't necessarily say that with age comes wisdom, but it's for sure that with age comes a heck of a lot more life experience to draw upon.

I may be completely off base here, it all depends upon how the mangaka chose to develop it.
I see it as a plausible interpretation.

But I also know enough about lit crit to know that stuff can be imputed that the author never intended.
There are stories in the SF community here in the US of an author who took a lit crit class where one of his novels was critiqued, and heard the teacher reading an awful lot into it that they never thought of when they were writing it; when they disputed what the teacher was saying was the intent of the novel, the response was along the lines of, "What do you know about it, you're just the author"!?!
So just because I think I'm seeing this as what's going on doesn't mean that it actually bears any resemblance to what the author intended; the observer is always influenced by their own preconceptions.

That said, I'm looking forward to where this one ends up going.
Because I really do think the author has put a lot of thought into it.
And... successful humor is one of the hardest things to write.
Bruh this shit is gold, how the heck did this get published? ?
@Weasalopes wow...
The premise is bizarre, I'll admit.

Given the premise, the reasoning seems sound. It does seem to hang together.

And, yes, the teacher is a pervert.
A true obsessive.
But also clearly desiring that no harm come to those he's fascinated with.
And his concept of harm does seem realistic; so long as they are unaware of his thoughts, no one is harmed by his obsession, as he goes out of his way not to alarm any of those he is obsessed with.
He's also realistic in recognizing that none of those he is obsessed with would give him the time of day once they found out about how deep his obsession ran, that they'd be totally creeped out.
This actually makes him a safe person for them to be around.

And that makes their plan to have him make the brainwashed high school girls fall in love with him a really bad plan, for him at least.
If he succeeds, odds are really good that their reaction after breaking the brainwashing is going to be extreme, once they learn his background.
They'll either idolize him, or completely shun him.
Either way, he won't be able to be around them. No one will treat him as just being a normal part of the environment.
No school would hire him, once word gets out.
No one would believe he has that level of self-restraint.

And no one else seems to have his level of understanding for the girls, and given the form of his obsession, I foresee his finally giving in and sacrificing himself to break the brainwashing.

Not your stereotypical tragic hero.
Not your stereotypical noble sacrifice.

Of course, it may just be I had too many literature classes in college...
Bruh why didn't he tell them before the dude went on stage.
@AMetroid wonder if the twist will be that she wants to conquer the planet and fill it with school girls, because she fell in love with Sensei and wanted to make his dream come True.
Also Sukeban is best JK.
@MooPoint The "girl" that has an interest in MC-kun is an alien. Specifically she's the 2010's JK and the leader of the aliens.
damn ?
So... is it the creepy aliens that have an interest in him, or the girl themselves?