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Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - Body Double

No idea why you would upload a Kingdom's chapter when this manga has been out for atleast a year and translated by different groups. As for the quality of your translation compared to others, it's poor and seems casual compared to others.

Take for example Ch.3 page 3. You had Zheng say "Wrong Guy, I'm Zheng" compared to the other upload wheres it's "No. I'm Zheng". Just look at Zheng's facial expression at the moment, would he honestly say "Wrong Guy" during that moment? No and it's just comical to even translate that part like that.

On Ch.3 page 10, you call Xin a province and not a state. Isn't this the time period where none of the other states have been united as one forming a singular country? You wouldn't call Xin or any of the other states a province since they don't belong a singular country which is the definition of province. States is the word you should had used.