Kami-sama no iru Keshiki

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - The Island Where God Lives
@Fuko: I love that movie. I didn't thought about it being that great when I was younger, but after I watch it later, I came to realise how many movies tend to become stale, because the humour and timing in them are amiss, because time and tastes have changed. This even happened to Terminator 1. (Especially sitcoms tend to go sour only after an decade.) But the real great movies are evergreens and Conan is such a movie.

Here is a tip: Watch it with your spouse. Especially the tent scene of Conan and Valeria. Good things will happen!
the letter was addressed to "OTOT"

The feeling, when your best friends get married and you are single.

The end had indeed an ominous atmosphere to it.
Iyashikei huh. that's what i think at the first but after she said "i will protect them until the end" ummMMMMM
it has a nice worlds and concept
count me in!
so the kid was the god...
I thought the owl was going to be the god and the unimpressive looking girl the servant. Interest lost.
Reminds me of Peria Chronicles
My god is a moe anime girl