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Vol. 11 Ch. 96 - I Give You My Crimson Cross Section
@Seregosa All you see is the fight not any of the actual things that makes this fight matter... Whatever I'm done no use arguing with an idiot.
This battle is just so fucking horribly bland and bad. If the author wanted just another shounen battle with power-ups and everything, it was kind of unnecessary to even have him train to not eat meat to this extent.

A battle can't really get much more tiresomely boring and stupid than this.

"Oh, look, I stood no chance despite being powered-up by love and friendship, now I'm going to do something I didn't want to before and power-up through an even more intimate type of friendship. Fuck the laws of the world and reality. I broke my bones and I've got severe wounds on my body but it doesn't matter in the face of love and friendship as I can move normally again and be EVEN MORE POWERFUL as soon as my powerup comes!"

This is why shounens are so fucking horribly bland and hard to stomach. This could've been an awesome battle, but it's just a retarded and unfulfilling battle between young punks who just happens to look like a wolf and bear with some blood to make it look more serious, despite that not making a difference at all.

Starting to look down on this author. At least other authors are honest about their work being for children, but this girl is pretending that it's supposed to be more serious by adding some blood and realistic concepts yet still keeping all the worst parts of a shounen.

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What!?! Why!?! All those meatless training chapters to go and throw it all away like that? Ugh.
Louis can't leg it anymore because he broke a leg just to give Legosi a leg up.
It was necessary shake a leg because the image of Legosi with his tail between his legs doesn't fit.
Although Louis is on his last leg now, it's better than having legs turn into jelly.

Oh.. By the way don't mind me. I'm just pulling your leg with bad puns.
Louis told him to break(fast)
a leg.
Louis gave him.....a leg up!....ok that was shitty, I'll see myself out.

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