Demon Spirit Seed Manual

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Ch. 173 - Crybaby
One addition to my theory is needed.
We need to add the MC's previous incarnation into the picture.

So remember that those 3 men said they recently found a way to produce / secure enough "holy water"?
I bet the one who gave them the idea or maybe even the whole method to produce that "holy water" is none other than the MC's previous incarnation.
Just so that he could then make sure the girl finds out about it and is thrown into despair or whatever negative feeling he needs her to have.
Then he seduces her to become a Demon Spirit like he did with all the other girls.
@Talh interesting theory. and judging by how this series throws curveballs like it's tuesday, that might actually be the case...if the author didn't throw in something even worse
Am I the only one that has the imppression that the "holy water" is created from the life force of humans which means the people comming out dead from that prayer hall are actually the sacrifices used by the adults from that clan?
So that clan is actually full of evil people killing innocent humans to create that "holy water" (more like "blood elixir").
And after that scene the girl is guaranteed to find out the truth soon by sneaking into the prayer hall without permission.