Dear, Only You Don't Know!

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Ch. 14
Looks actually don't matter much, personality matters so much more. I don't mean something sappy like the beauty inside a person, just that a happy, outgoing, funny person always looks better.

Even if you're a handsome guy, if you don't smile, are a grumpy person, and generally selfish, it's unlikely for you to get into an actual meaningful relationship.

But the guy who's funny, who's nice and always has a smile on his face, who looks like he enjoys life, and who is a considerate person seems to have no problems in getting or keeping up meaningful relationships.

Sadly, looks are much easier to change than personalities.

Edit: I guess I should clarify, Looks are important in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship dynamic, but are drastically lowered in value in the husband-wife relationship. That's why a lot of people who transistion from boyfriend-girlfriend have a difficult time as husband-wife as what's needed to be a good husband/wife is much different from what's needed to be a good boyfriend/girlfriend.
Once you go 2D, you'll still be single when you're 90