Dear, Only You Don't Know!

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Ch. 13
He definitely deserved something, I mean where does he get off being so judgemental, when he's being a complete hypocrite. I mean he works for a service that basically provides supplies to this bar. So in his own way the work he's doing allows the bar that he hates to continue doing business. BUT clearly in this case, he's earning money by compromising his morals, so it's ok, the rules only apply to ho's (SARCASM)/

Shit. if he truly believed the BS he was spewing don't you think that he'd get another of those thousands of types of jobs he talking about that have nothing to do with the night business, what a hypocritical dumb***
He still didn't deserve to get his wallet stolen, but he's pretty ungrateful considering they could've left him passed out on the street where he could be robbed or molested.
I can't say he didn't really deserve something there but blue hair stealing his wallet is clearly more for her own gain than to spite him, so she's a bitch too. Stealing from people in the bar just because they're dicks is a good way to bring the heat down on the boss you seem to like at least a bit.