Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - The Reason My Sister and I Become Light Novel Authors, Part 1
"it's rare to se a title this direct" where are you living boy?
the idea has promise. but something about this manga I didnt like. For instance, the brother is a 1st year... and the sister is a 3rd year..... and then it goes to say the girl is his little sister.... I mean wtf. Author cant get his story straight.

MC seemed really stupid too. Its Rito levels of stupidness. I think I'll pass on this.
Wait, isnt this basically ghost writing?
This is cute when's the next chapter?
*dies from overcuteness*
ummm, I know this is selfish, but can someone plss pick this up again.
coz I don't want my eyes to suffer on watching the anime
I love me some sibling manga. But why is it that the brother is always the pathetic one that has no talent?

I just noticed that this manga had an anime. And after looking at a few clips and stuff. I agree with you that the manga looks 10 times better than the anime.
The manga has better animation than the anime
I am glad the manga is higher quality than the god-awful anime.
Another weird 'Sibling' love bullshit, i see. I know it's kinda all the rage for a 'certain group of people' but can't they at least make it less annoying to read for both comedy and romance genre? Why can't people at least make a more endearing Tsundere at least? Purely from the conversation and characterization perspective, it is very annoying than it is moe.
Oh great, another story about an older brother with no balls, getting along with his little sister bullshit.?
Gotta admit better than eromanga sensei. Also the little sister's dress looks like utaha's dress from saekano
@stride @Kiriha @Mortaze

Thank you. It's always nice to know the history behind things.

So, not a site reload, but a site creation to replace a site that ceased being of use due to ickyness.

And thus, some content will not have the expected commentary, as the period of active commenting for that manga had passed by the time it was posted here. And, in some cases, while the title is the same, the format that was popular and well thought of is not the manga, the manga actually being a derivative work seeking to cash in on the popularity of the original title, not always successfully in regard to capturing the feel of the original.

I did notice that OreImo and Eromanga-sensei have the same author. I have watched some of Eromanga, and do think it's well done. So I'll add OreImo to my list of things to check out; the list is getting fairly long... a lot has been produced since I was introduced to Anime/Manga in the late 1980s, and only recently have I gotten back into it; the access is so much better than it was then for those of us in the US. Even the worst resolution on YouTube is so superior to watching seventh generation VHS copies... and they're subbed or dubbed! You can actually find out what's really going on! And the quality at the dedicated sites!

(Yes, I'm practising up for being a crotchety old man, talking about how much better you young punks have it than we did in my youth... which is true!)
@Kiriha It's exaclty that it was created around January the 20th of 2018 so there is litteraly nothing before that time ^^
This is probably another fake harem drama shit again lIke oreimo and eromanga.

@Korath We all know that the psp games is just a fanfic.

@Weasalopes more like the site is created around that time in order to replace the original batoto.
Imagine the horrifying disorder that would be their combined punnett square
@weasalopes People know OreImo because it was a very popular anime. For why the manga version isn't talked about much is because 1) anime was based on the LN, the source material 2) Mangadex wasn't around when the manga was being scanlated.
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if i was him i would give up and go jump off a bridge or walk in front of a car
Her response at the end. He's totally crushed by it. So cruel, he thinks.

She, on the other hand, is ecstatic. She thinks it's the best thing possible.

Yeah, it's a bit clear where this story is going.

The question is, just how well is it done?

ETA: After all the comparisons to OreImo, which I was not familiar with, I tracked it down on this site.

Was this site completely redone some eight months ago? That would explain why so many scanlations were mass posted at that time.

And why something as famous as OreImo appears to be has absolutely zero comments. Zip, zilch, nada, not a single comment anywhere, either the main page or the individual chapters.

For something held up as an item for comparison, with the opinion of it being good, that's rather hard to comprehend except as a repost or new post after everyone had already read it.
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Really? Share spoilers please
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