Mushoku Tensei ~Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu~ Japanese

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Vol. 9 Ch. 43 - Younger Paternal Half-Sister
why didnt this dumbass just tell her he was her brother
Man, this is conflicting

The LIG/CAT version is, overall, a higher quality job (better image resolution, typesetting, actual redraws instead of blank white clouds) but the translation is slightly less accurate compared to awootism

If only we could have the best of both worlds xd
I like this manga, but it can sure make my depression worse sometimes.

1. I made a promise to Teras to continue the series, and that's what we've done with the assist of their former TL who went to CAT Scans.

2. I'm not sure who this other group is. They just seem impatient to me.

3. We have A LOT of work done already on some of OneTime Scans' projects just waiting on redraws for the most part. It's rather annoying to get work done, have a translator WILLING to do a project and then have someone else jump in for their own purposes.

It's rather annoying and can be demoralizing. You really have to wonder why so many groups who do quality end up quitting or splitting up?
@darkomantis probably because they had already done a lot of work on the chapter when awootism posted theirs.

Maybe they trust their own translations more too.

I was reading a manga the other day with two translastions, and different parts of each one were garbage. I basically had to switch between the two for a coherent translation.

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@Aretheus Yeah, they should be partially materialized to match UBW, but I'm guessing the creator just thought it looked cooler, which is hard to argue.
Why couldn't they just upload the recent chapters instead of reuploading a translation already done? At least do that AFTER the most recent chapters are finished. Jesus what a waste of time...
@Kaiser92 There's a button above the text area that looks like a landscape. Press it and put an image url in between the two sections.

@gaigous I wasn't actually thinking too much last night when I searched "bait meme" on google, but this meme actually doesn't make sense. It references Unlimited Blade Works, but the hooks are clearly coming out of the Bait of Babylon. Oh well.
There are two groups doing the scanlation.

awootism is well ahead of LetitGo/CAT Scans.

So technically it isn't a re-upload of the same chapter, it is just the translation done by another group.
Dear elder-brother-dono, while there are many drawbacks as well, being a younger sister is the best thing

From what I can tell (which is not a whole lot and should be taken with a grain of salt), this one seems most accurate.
The first page has rather different translations.
"Dear elder-brother-dono, while there are many drawbacks as well, being a younger sister is the best thing"
"To my dear daughter, while there may be many problems, know that your brother is perfect!"
sigh hope next chapter get an update soon :(

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Yea, me too, wanna see maid with kid loving reunion with Reus !!
Why'd they reupload 2 chapters ago? I got excited over nothing....

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@Aretheus Awesome meme is awesome.
May I ask how you attached an image like that?
Just a bait