Demon Spirit Seed Manual

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Ch. 170 - Clearing the Spoils
Did noone notice the purple dildo (cucumber) and the plunger among the treasure? ?Seriously, what is he thinking? ?
Uhm... you didnt get the joke....

I was refering to her reaction, why is she blushing and so excited to activate him?
as if she is gonna activate something else entirely.....

(hint: his D)
You know how in reality the human body is limited to only use a certain percentage of its actual muscle strength in order to avoid damaging one's own body, right?
So even a fully trained sportsman does not use his body's full potential a.k.a. his body's true potential.

In this story something similar seems to be the case for humans in regards to their body, their magic flow within their bodies, the potential of their magic within their bodies, the synchronization of body and soul / magic / spirit and so on.
To increase their effectivity in using those powers slumbering within their bodies the people need to train themselves in all those fields like physical workout, magic training and mental training.
However the MC has only recently been transported from the modern world without any magic to that fantasy world of swords and magic.
Hence he has almost no experience and training in those fields of spirit and magic.

So she is aiming to "activate" that potential slumbering within the MC by using a special method she has.
That is as much as I have understood so far.
Uhm.... what is she gonna activate again??

also did the art style took a hit?