Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S Rank ni Natteta

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5

"Doing someone" is typically slang for sex.

"Doing someone in" is slang for killing, or at least eliminating, someone.

You can figure it out.
@yurirei I'm not an expert, and this is three months late, but the first sentence seems more correct and sounds better contextually. "Got done in by me" simply means "was defeated by me," whereas "got done by me" suggest something was completed(such as a meal or a project/quest). For instance: "The picture was done by me" means the picture was completed by the person. As for "you sure talk big" vs "you're sure a big talk," I believe both are accurate and mean the same thing, but the first option "you sure talk big" sounds better and personally feels more correct to me.

Again, I'm not an expert, but given that English is my first language and I've read a large variety of stories ranging from manga and western comics to full blown 500-800 page novels(all of said novels being of varying difficulties) then I'd like to think I know a fair bit about what phrases make more sense within the context of any given situation, assuming said phrases are grammatically correct. Still, it's probably best to ask an English linguist if you ever happen to come across one.
Which is more correctly (in the sense of grammar)?

For someone who got done in by me in one hit, you sure talk big.

For someone who got done by me in one hit, you're sure a big talk.

(Just want to confirm my grammar skills, kinda confused right now)
Pampering by a fluffy catgirl mage?
Lol at those faces
That homunculi just wants love. Her dad is just being overshadowed by her now. Killing her off would be a good idea.
How is that unkempt hobo the guild leader? If it's going to be like that, I'd take the guild leader from Isekai Maou any day.

@neorasp Manga with loser main characters are dime a dozen. Even though it seems like so many isekai series have made an OP main character commonplace, it's just an illusion.
@aFFi I just saw Reddit thread where one guy estimated how long based on the material the manga is burning through from the web novel
@Kronix every manga isn't the last hentai you watched???
Hmmm… missing your loved one so much you go crazy from waiting…
Obviously Angie will become the 73rd demon lord, I am a genius!
Oh my god! (Tucker's voice).
This is getting good!!!
@Spitzer Agree the slow pace will just make the reunion better.
I don't mind the slow pace of the story.
It's great!

I just wish the release pace was faster! >.<

You kind of set yourself up for failure guy.

Man wasn't expecting so many impatient people.
The former orphans of Orphen want to donate to the orphanage. This has some potential for a good tongue twister, you know?
I liked this manga better when i had the impression her father was just a loser and the only thing he had going for him is his daughter addmiration goggles. now that i know that he has actual skill this kinda ruins the manga for me.
This 23...

I have two kids, a 2 yr old daughter and a 10month old son... will I be able to raise em so they'll still want to see me the way the girl misses her father? Can I raise them to think of me fondly even in my old age, when my wife and I become unable to care for ourselves?

You get teary eyed at the strangest things now when you're a parent...
Is the Daughter a Homonculi?
this not funny anymnore
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