Detective Conan

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Vol. 96 Ch. 1021 - Deceased's Belongings
Avatar know I kinda just noticed, but Conan didn't really do anything this time. Also I was hoping for another newspaper front page gag for poor Uncle Jirouou XP
@daywithoutgames Did you just come here to bash Conan? You must not have a life if you just came to talk bad about a very successful manga that's been going for so long. Your life must truly be sad so I pity you ^U^
The fucks wrong with you?
Yes, but in a few hours the hiatus ends.
Is DC on hiatus?
I dropped this crappy , trashy manga after only a few chapters .

I dont understand how can some adult readers "look up" to conan , a short brat with a small d!ck . It is already over 22 years since this crappy manga started and this ugly brat still cant grow up and get bigger ? Also ran mori is an ugly , annoying , virgin b!tch , lol .

There are some other detective series better than this conan crap : The Kindaichi Case Files and Kui Tan , check them out .

Fun fact for you : In 2005, the motherfuka aoyama gosho was married to minami takayama , the voice actress who gave the voice of edogawa conan in the anime adaptation . Only 2 short years later , the two were divorced .

Does this mean that the bastard gosho married his own "son" ? conan was a character that he created so he was sort of his son . And I think the marriage was just a lame publicity stunt to sell more manga and anime .

The motherfuka gosho has zero experience with real girls so the girls that he created : ran mori , sonoko , vermouth , ... have nonsensical personalities and actions .

BTW , minami takayama's biggest , greatest achievement of her life is voicing Child Emperor from One Punch Man .
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Kaito kid is definitely gay
Heiji you tit
In "้ธท้ธŸ็ดฏ็™พ", "็ดฏ" means "accumulate" rather than "tired", so "้ธท้ธŸ็ดฏ็™พ๏ผŒไธๅฆ‚ไธ€้น—" basically means "Not even a hundred birds of prey can ever prevail an osprey".
>break until November
well, at least the plot is somehow moving...
it's Hagiwara Kenji. He was killed by the serial bomber 4 years before Matsuda.
amuro, date, matsuda, and moustache's brother were all in the same friend group? makes me curious about who the fifth one is
Koumei, my poor Koumei T_T This made me actually cry

Also, Kaito was really cool here. I liked him when he talks to her.

PS: Heiji, get yourself in place!