Perfect Honeymoon

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Ch. 23
@Lelleo: If someone is to blame (ie: at fault) for this whole situation, it is definitely the wife for assuming the worst and running off like complete idiot without giving the husband a chance to explain what happened and who that woman was that she saw kissing him. Let's add mutual trust to your list, something the wife obviously did not have at all for her husband, otherwise this whole fiasco would never have happened.

Infidelity is not always about sex. This is clearly a case of emotional infidelity on the part of the wife. Pop "emotional infidelity" into google and the first thing that comes up hits the nail on the head in this case:

An emotional affair can be defined as: "A relationship between a person and someone other than (their) spouse (or lover) that affects the level of intimacy, emotional distance and overall dynamic balance in the marriage. The role of an affair is to create emotional distance in the marriage."

and then there is also:

Basically, emotional affairs occur when one partner is channeling physical or emotional energy, time and attention into someone other than the person they are in a committed relationship with to the point that their partner feels neglected.

It appears to be the general consensus of professionals that, left unhindered, emotional infidelity more often than not leads to physical infidelity, as well. Can you honestly tell me that you believe, if the husband never showed up, the wife would not eventually and willingly have sex with farmer boy?

It is not "just working at the vineyard," as you claim, but flirting (and especially purposely flaunting that flirting in front of her husband), and going on what can only be described as dates with farmer boy. And let's not forget that wedding ring.

And how is it that I'm being "aggressive" by voicing my opinions?
@FredFriendly Whoa, take it easy)) there's no need to be so aggressive. Everyone has his/her own opinion and life experience.
I've never blamed her husband btw, they're both at fault for being insincere or unclear about their feelings. Healthy relationship is all about mutual understanding, respect and equality.
And anyway what is there about her infidelity? She never cheated on him. Since when taking a helping hand is indecent? How her working at the vineyard is considered to be an affair?
@Lelleo: Stay alone? Is she gonna go stay at a hostel all by herself and do some soul-searching? No, she wants to stay with and enjoy the company of farmer boy. It was obvious that she had started to have feelings for him the moment she took off her wedding ring making herself available as a single woman. If I was the husband, I'da cut ties with her already. Even if she and the husband get back together, there's no guarantee that she wouldn't have another affair the moment the husband had to go off on a business trip. As for oppressing and dominating, bullcrap. It's not husband's fault that she has no self-esteem and is overwhelmed by how capable he is. Don't blame him for her inadequacies.
She is a wise woman. Unless you're in some sort of SM relationship it's really hard to live with someone who's constantly oppressing and dominating even if you love each other. He did change a bit due to stressful situation but there's no guarantee that he won't fall back to his old self at home. And she is clever enough to realize it.
And I don't think she loves the farmer as well. She respects and admires him for his kind help.
I believe she just wants to stay alone for the time being till she finds her true self. And maybe later she will be able to reunite with her beloved oppa on even grounds.
@FredFriendly - She doesn't actually like farm boy. She clearly only grew attached to him because he was nice to her at a time where she was vulnerable.
Wife: "Do you not see the blister on this finger?"

Husband: "Yeah, but I don't see your wedding ring."

This guy is just too good for her. He went to hell and back to find her, including suffering interminably at the claws of the harpie, all the while she was having the time of her life, enjoying her honeymoon with another man. And she even continues to flirt with farmer boy in front of her husband. It was quite obvious that it wasn't her husband with whom she wanted to go on this delivery trip.

We all know the real reason she doesn't wanna leave is that she'd rather be with farmer boy.