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Vol. 2 Ch. 13 - Overflow
Surprise, MoFo!
"was a male" .. pardon ?
This is like that Snow White kiss,except probably grosser and with spirits.
I didn't understand literally any of that
Him: "It creeps me out."

Her: "Ahem, pardon?"
@OniBarubary of course people have the right to do that. you can not just don't feel anything. Talk always easy.
Can you kiss a stink fat ass on some NTR manga with out a single moment hesitate when it need ?

in the end she save him. and it not like it so long.
Brave it is not mean to not scare of anything. the true bravery is when you can over come your fear. This is not about courage, but you must get my point right ?

Also the bikini not in the story. the extra page always suppose to be unnecessary anyways.
That bikini shot was a little unnecessarily out of nowhere.

Also I'm always amused with the things that people refused to do when it's like necessary to save your life or the world or whatever.

"Kiss this dude or he dies"
"No ewwww I don't even love him for the purpose of marriage"
Motherfucker who cares he will literally die
well, it's about to creep you out some more.