Bocchi Kaibutsu to Moumoku Shoujo

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Vol. 1 Ch. 16
No matter how thicc anyone else is in the series, no one can even come close to the sheer thiccness of papa blind's neck
The best thing about reading webcomics is the bonus pages.
extra panels are always so cute aaaaaaaaaa
"Heath's seduction is too wild..." LOL Sentences I never expected to read
"i have yet to say anything, so stop making that scary face"

bitch have you checked yourself in a mirror
The father seems surprisingly chill about the situation.
Hope you are ready for a textwall:
The story started as a pixiv manga, and was released on pixiv, for free.
That's where the RAWs are coming from, that's what's being translated here.

It got popular enough that it was released in a single bound volume (tankoubon for you weebs out there) in Japan (I don't think there will be a second one).
As far as I can tell in the free preview, it is completely redrawn by the artist and looks more polished, but keeps the same dialogue. There may be some more differences later on, I dunno.
Basically, the bound volume version features more detailed and improved artwork.

You can check the free preview of the Japanese bound version here:
Click the cover to bring it up, and compare to the first few pages in chapters 1 and onwards.

As for dropping the series, I doubt it is something that will happen as the pixiv version is available for free online already, so we'll continue so long as we can.
The way I see it, we're giving them free advertising for a more polished product. Think of it like a free web novel vs the polished Light Novel release.
I'm even typing this up to clarify the differences and maybe convince someone to purchase it when it's out (buy it).

Of course with all that said, WE WILL NOT BE SCANLATING THE BOUND VERSION.
Support the artist and the industry by purchasing it when it becomes available (buy it).
it's still allowed to scanlate even if it's licensed, just that they can't rip the licensed translations.
What do you mean the scan is dead
Tagging scanlator too @muge
RIP the scan is dead

damn you seven seas
Damn, Lily really is stacked!
I cant help but feel like they are going to reveal the past attac as a series of unfortunate events, which would make sense. We've already seen a small snippet previously.