Immortal Merchant

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Ch. 5
The police don't magically appear when there's a crime in real life either it takes awhile, and that's in an age with everyone having cellphones
@aFFi Late asf here: There kind of is, but they usually work for a local ruler, and only seem to show up when the whole market district is in flames.
I still don't understand why there's no police in these kind of stories.
I understand the concept of a lawless land, where power gives you anything, but commerce would never flourish in this type of settings.
If there's no one protecting your interest, no real commerce can take place. You would never exchange anything with anyone, because if they are stronger, they could ignore the contract, steal your ideas without repercussion or just kill you and take your commerce.

A world where everything is decided by might wouldn't look like this. There would be crime, murder, rape and kidnapping everywhere, nobody would wear nice clothes, technology would have stayed in the dark ages and no government would really exist.
That dude f*cked up, if he kills the MC, every female cultivator in the realm will become his enemy.