Koi Inu

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Ch. 141 - Nagatsuki’s Long-Suffering Love
@chenando1: You've pegged Chiyo's semi-consciousness pretty well. Especially the absence of any thought of actually telling her friend (or better yet, her boyfriend) the truth about her "history" with Ookuma. Unfortunately, Igarashi isn't the brightest bulb in the box and is easily bamboozled, like back in chapter 71 when he caught Ookuma in the middle of what he imagined was a confession (and probably would have been if he hadn't interrupted), but confounded to think otherwise by Chiyo's angry outburst. Nagatsuki, on the other hand, probably wouldn't even believe Chiyo at this point if she was told the truth, and will most likely have to suffer her own rude awakening at the hands of Ookuma, himself.
Chiyo: shun (MY BOYFRIEND) told me not to meddle in the affair of my friend and ookuma (the guy with whom I have a history with and maybe he still has the hots for me) but what should I do? Should I meddle and cause a series of misunderstandings that will make ookuma think I'm giving him a chance which is going to cause my friend to think I'm trying to steal her crush and also will make my boyfriend think I'm cheating on him making him act all desperate towards me which in turn will make me get annoyed at him (although I do it even if he hasn't done any thing bad to me just because I'm a very tsuntsuntsundere girl)? Or should I listen to him and not meddle so as to not cause any sort of trouble for any one? ??? aaagghhh so difficult to choose!!!??