Gakkou Gurashi!

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Ch. 66 - Error
@HadesTranslation Nah bowman the mvp
Since Bowman is in the story, I can't enjoy it anymore. It broke my immersion completely. I really hope that thing "dies" in the next chapters. The university plot line was nice (not as good as the school), but after introducing Bowman, it got only worse.
Definitely feels like it was Aosoi answering the girls' questions through Bowman.
@zdietrich but even dead, they need her to find the anthidote, without her, they are useless witnessess, so, they will need to carry her anyway...
I’m steeling myself for the death of the entire main cast
Every cliffhanger I’m steeling my heart for the eventual death of one of the main cast.
Guessing it now that the bruden that she wants to get rid of is the wheelchair, not Kurumi. Bowman already mentioned that the wheelchair itself would be a big problem, and Aosoi knows that Kurumi is their main hope.

I also think the reason Bowman answered so quickly wasn't because someone else made the same question before, but because it was Aosoi herself that answered the question as a way to encourage the girls.
They'll ignore her just fine. Any noise the wheelchair makes, on the other hand, won't be so easily ignored.
And the bomb thing. Bombs are kind of a problem too.
The issue at this point is how long she can stay awake/function. Yes, they could just rendezvous later, but it'll take her much longer to get there. And if they move to slow they'll die to bombs.
I don't get how they can say that's impossible to go with Kurumi when she can literally go on the wheelchair alone and the zombies will ignore her, just rendezvous somewhere without the "burden", get the "burden" to go there and just go using other way.

But well, now that the cliffhanger is suggesting that Kurumi is kill, it doesn't matter, or the depressed college woman just've thinked what I've just put above...
Since I don't know when you started skipping:

Kurumi got infected.
Kurumi got cured.
The cure was incomplete; Kurumi's body is zombified, and other zombies ignore her.
The others found out about Kurumi's condition.
Kurumi lost strength in her legs; she can still move them, but can't walk any more.
I skipped some chapters, can someone tell me what happened to Kurumi?
Good point. At page 23, she's seen typing something into her phone, maybe she's typing something for Bowman-kun or she's contacting someone else.
All I hope is that Kurumi doesn't die.
I think Aosoi is the one who put that answer into Bowman-kun. She knows that Kurumi is everyone's shot at survival, she's the one who mentioned the aerial vector. There's objectively no point unless they bring Kurumi.

She just wants them to get some steel in their asses.
I don't think it's a betrayal.

Remember the end of last chapter, when Kurumi asked Aosoi (the researcher) a favor. It's likely she asked Aosoi to kill her if she ever becomes a burden again.
It wouldn't be the first time Kurumi tried to disappear. Before she lost all strength in her legs, she tried to run away from the group. But since Yuki went to search for her, Kurumi decided that disappearing would only put them in more danger, hence why she wants Aosoi to kill her.

Although, personally, I don't think Aosoi will kill Kurumi. The reason why Bowman-kun answered so quickly is because someone else asked the same question beforehand. My guess is, that someone was Aosoi.
I think Aosoi is currently considering whether to kill Kurumi as requested, or trust Bowman-kun and attempt survival anyway.
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Kurumi currently exists in a state where she's both alive and dead, until the next chapter releases and we can observe her, at which point she'll have to decide which one she is.

Schrödinger's Kurumi
The Hope is Just an Illusion
The Despair is Real
The Trust in Backyard
The Betrayal in Front Door
Deus Ex Machina is Dead
heck same...
Every chapter is me hoping Kurumi doesn't die.
It's painful.
Oh my god what's with all these cliffhangers.
And that shovel...if she really had killed Kurimi with that shovel (which I actually doubt), it would've been one of the top 10 anime betrayals.
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