Koi Inu

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Ch. 139 - The Ocean is Awesome!
Dang I thought Shishijima and Class prez would develop further unless he comes back later or something.
WHy is the author having Shishijima do this? I thought we would finally get some proper development with him and the class prez girl.

I still hope they get together even if he's gone for awhile.
Thanks FredFriendly, you the real mvp.
Chapter 139 marks the 3rd anniversary and the 129th chapter since I started scanlating Koi Inu with carolusmengus back in August of 2015. Since then, charlemagne from carolusmengus retired from scanlating and I was very fortunate to find a fellow collaborator in UMR-san from UMR Scans with whom I have published over 100 chapters from 3 different projects.

Three years later and Koi Inu, with 154 chapters currently published in Japanese, looks like Coco's going for a very long haul. From the perspective of where the story is at, I wouldn't be surprised if it tops 200, or even 300 chapters. However long it lasts, I hope to be able to continue to provide scanlations til the end.

As for Chapter 139 itself, it looks like Coco has written the wrong person out of the story! It is also worthy to note that, in-universe, a whole year has passed and Igarashi and Chiyo are now in their 2nd year of college.