Clockwork Planet Japanese

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Vol. 7 Ch. 31 - Job (War)
@Nolonar yep. wouldn't make much sense to have it on for human pilots since in most cases they're should be piloted by the army pilots (unlikely to shoot friendlies), not hijacked by a spec ops guy in a high-performance sex bot body (very intent on shooting "friendlies")
So the AFFP was only for the automated units?

Makes sense now.
seen printed scans for chapters waay ahead, so can confidently say that CAT's late as usual
@Nolonar uh i thought she took over a Tekki (which had a human pilot), attacked 2 mechs at once to get registered as an enemy by the Genbu (that has AI pilot), then baited a piloted mech to hit the Genbu twice, causing him to get flared as an enemy to the Genbu too, causing the Genbu to have a momentary confusion that gave her the chance to stab and disable the Genbu. like that?
That part about the Accidental Friendly Fire Prevention (AFFP) system was... inconsistent.

They can't attack her until she attacks them. So how did she attack them in the first place?
If she disabled AFFP, why couldn't they disable it too? It was an emergency, after all.

If they had to wait until they got attacked, that means they didn't disable AFFP.
So why did one of them accidentally hit an ally? Doesn't the system exist precisely to prevent such an accident?
I mean, if accidental hits are possible, but not deliberate ones, why is it called Accidental Friendly Fire Prevention, and not simply Friendly Fire Prevention?
Naoto Ojou-chan

I mean... he does make a convincing trap...