5Toubun no Hanayome

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Vol. 6 Ch. 49 - Seven Goodbyes โ‘ช
Since this has been going on for 49 chapters with little to no improvement, you could just skip LHT entirely and read /a/nonymous's version instead.
They always PURCHASE high quality raws (including volumes/tanks) from official Japanese ebook sites and support the author
They only care about views which will net them more patreons.
When you release first, your version will get reposted on every manga site on the internet.
That's why they translate from different languages (korean scanlation comes out on monday for example), use low quality, leaked raws and don't proofread or quality check.
And people gobble it up.

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Yeah, they really need a native English speaker to fix everything up, but I think at this point they simply don't care. Editors are the easiest position to fill on a scanlation team.
Maybe they should look for an editor who is a native speaker, though. The language here is super stiff and formal regardless of who's speaking, and contains mistakes on almost every page. Here are some of the obvious ones I've noticed (not listing all instances of awkward phrasing here):

"But it's probably dangerous if it was for the past us" (-> it would probably be challenging for the past us)
"I have to reconsider about the special lesson" (-> reconsider the)
"So smoothly like this" (choose one)
"So suddenly like this" (choose one)
"I won't accept it before I hear it directly from his mouth" (-> until, from him)
"Even though it's temporary, but I have been entrusted" (choose one)

I mean it's clear that even if they have someone who's supposed to check these lines for correct English (which I doubt), that person doesn't really know what correct English looks like.
Lets appriciate that LH made much better job at translating this chapter.