5Toubun no Hanayome

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Vol. 6 Ch. 48 - Seven Goodbyes ⑩
Hell yaaaaa be a better father!
[cue sfx of metallic clanking as Fuutarou's gigantic brass balls clink together as he walks away]
@BananowyJE I swear I'm gonna cry if that happens.

I wanna share my take on the seven goodbyes but there's still two more chaps
Soooo I have a theory. Miku has been the mystery girl this whole time. We see that she always wears those headphones, but we never know why she does. My bet is that they are either hollowed out, or that she is hiding longer hair in/under them.
Is it time for girls to chase for Fuutarou now? :P
sure something like that works in a story but honestly, he's being overdramatic, getting money for Raiha is way more important than work ethic
Fuutarou probably is my favorite character, normally this type of series I usually choose female character but this one MC deserv it.
So, instead of working for money, he will marry into money?
I think that nino now is in hyper tsundere mode on, but i don't understand if she love fuu
@BananowyJE Ok that would be an interesting plot twist from the Mangaka
Can't wait for next chapter, oof
So, it's:
  1. Nino's goodbye to her older self (probably including her crush on Kintarou);
  2. Nino's goodbye to Ichika;
  3. Nino's goodbye to Miku;
  4. Nino's goodbye to Yotsuba;
  5. Nino's goodbye to Itsuki;
  6. Girl-from-the-past's goodbye to Fuutarou;
  7. Fuutarou's goodbye to his money.

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Wow, I'm liking Fuutarou more and more.

Lol. It's a very interisting plot, i think that you could be a fantastic mangaka^^ However the dream's plot i think that could be possible. Nice
Lol suicide note. That's taking things way too far.
Yup, after he jumps from that roof they find his suicide note.
Goodbye to each quint
Goodbye to his parents
Goodbye to his sister
You thought that he was aright after the whole Rena thing and Nino/Itsuki shenanigans? Nope.
His wedding day is his dying hallucination, one where he gets a happy ending and starts his own family. But quints are his only female friends, that's why one of them is the bride. That's why we don't see ANY of the quints bar the "bride". He also only meets Maeda as he is the closest guy to being his friend in the whole school. His house is also how it was because he can't imagine it otherwise. Older Raiha - I bet that she looks almost like their mother did. Strange looking grandparents? He's dying, so of course there will be some strange things here and there.
QUINTESSENTIAL QUINTUPLETS is one of the saddest stories around.
There's also Nino saying goodbye to Kintarou and her past which was specifically emphasized in 5 panels.
Probably goodbye from the five sisters + goodbye from the mystery girl from the past + goodbye from Fuutarou.
Men. Despite always showing fierce actions, now he was being too modest to himself.
Btw what does 'Seven Goodbyes' mean? Seven days for this arc (haven't counted) or what? 'Goodbye' might be about this.
"Seven Goodbyes"

I see... guess it all made sense now.
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