Koi Inu Japanese

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Ch. 137 - Igarashi-kun in Wonderland (1)
Avatar PlanOfInaction 14 days ago
Lol at that Relife ref
Avatar Yukio 18 days ago
The author decided to add a funservice. White bunny...nice. I love it)
Avatar anime1337 19 days ago
There's some Mario Kart in there as well.
Avatar superdoofus 20 days ago
Sleeping with a cold is one hell of a trip.
Avatar Hadski 20 days ago
That relife reference lmao
Avatar GreyDorian 20 days ago
That Re-Life cameo though 🤣
Avatar Nobi 21 days ago
The hell is this about?
Avatar FredFriendly 21 days ago
Even though it may be a bit on the cliché side, chapter 137 is certainly a welcome respite from the dreary and humdrum business of Yuna being foolishly infatuated with the one person in the story that I'd rather see less of.