All Day Jo Ayoung Korean

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Ch. 45
Avatar BCS 1 mo ago
@kronix asking the right questions
Avatar Darcow 1 mo ago
Suddenly... Feels...

Avatar Altaer 1 mo ago
Fk cancer !
Avatar kronix 1 mo ago
dude which of the girls is he gonna pick omg
Avatar mommy 1 mo ago
Although the story was sad but that ending made me grin like an idiot. It's kinda nice to see that, although he is already a working man and raising up a child, he still needs to "grow" in certain areas. Is that because he didn't have that great a childhood and therefore has less experience with his mother or family or is it simply because he still is a young guy (whom looks way older :D)
Avatar Someanon 1 mo ago
Damn, right in the feels.
Avatar landstalker 1 mo ago
welp, so much for a happy reading :(