Koi Inu Japanese

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Ch. 134 - You Have to Eat Hot Dogs When Tracking Somebody!
Avatar FredFriendly 3 mo ago
@VladDracul2: Interesting analogy. Thankfully these are college students, not High School students, although Nagatsuki's infatuation with Ookuma is more on a Middle School level of a pubescent teen girl drooling of the looks of a pop star. At least we can say that Chiyo isn't going out with Igarashi because she finds him unbearably handsome.
Avatar VladDracul2 3 mo ago
The whole girl/bishonen/teacher situation is giving me Kimi Ni Todoke flashbacks.
Avatar jak 3 mo ago
Chiyo has gotten alot better, but her bitchiness comes out sometimes. Like when she didn't even think of Shun when wanting to dine at a fancy place like that and have a guy sweet talk her. Though, I don't doubt she loves Shun considering she was so desperate to get with him in the end.

Something tells me Nagatsuki likes the teacher guy because she was so bother by him being there. Wasn't he there first?

I'm just waiting for the whole "Chiyo/Ookuma middle school" thing to come out. I wouldn't be surprised if he talks to Nagatsuki about it and then Shun overhears it since they are stalking them.
Avatar Hounder 3 mo ago
I am just waiting for all the jokes about long, meaty objects and her having them stuffed in her mouth...
Avatar FredFriendly 3 mo ago
Ugh. The way things are going makes me wonder if Coco has decided to make Ookuma and Nagatsuki the main couple...