All Day Jo Ayoung Korean

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Ch. 44
Avatar ganggangnigga 1 mo ago
That's pretty interesting
Avatar FredFriendly 2 mo ago
@mommy: Here in the U.S.A. there is a wide variety of laws regarding marital age due to the fact that each of the 50 states have the right to determine such laws which are not governed by the federal government. As such, 19 states actually have no minimum age of marriage. As for Japan, the age-gap relationships portrayed in manga and anime probably reflect the reality of Japanese society (as well as pandering to a certain segment of the manga reading public). Indeed, as first-hand knowledge, my own father's second wife was a 13-year old Japanese girl he met while he was stationed on Okinawa.
Avatar mommy 2 mo ago
Considering that I always see so many different manga couples with an age gap, does that mean that a big age gap (like 10 years) is rather acceptable in Japan compared to the west? I hear that it would be illegal in the US but here in Germany such a relationship would be legal even if she was 15. There have been some cases and I even know some girls who started dating a 25-30-year-old at only 16. And yeah they had huge daddy issues
Avatar BCS 2 mo ago
I meant "jailbait" as in the ephebo age range, chill out. No one is obviously actually goint to jail.
Avatar ivv 2 mo ago
Jail is just a room
Avatar FredFriendly 2 mo ago
In chapter 7 when they were together, Ayoung and Soojin said how old they were (6 and 10), but Minah did not. In chapter 14 Minah states that she's been in High School for a year, so she's probably at least 16, if not 17 years old so, in Japan, she wouldn't necessarily be considered jail bait. Minsok's (and the old lady's) age has not been revealed. I'd guess he's around 24 (I won't guess how old she is or if she really has a husband). Neither has Ellie's age been stated, though she's at Uni, and Dahee (the drunken arm-wrestler) is in her 30s.
Avatar superdoofus 2 mo ago
How old's this guy again? In his late 20s?
Avatar MacMeaties 2 mo ago
Remember, jail bait in 'Murica is probably legal in half of Europe and Asia. Nothing quite like legal 15 and 16 year olds amarite guys?
Avatar kronix 2 mo ago
isnt she a high schooler or something I forgot since I havent seen her in last couple chapters
Avatar BCS 2 mo ago
One man's "love has come to town" is another man's "fuck yeah jailbait"
Avatar Mako 2 mo ago
Avatar FredFriendly 2 mo ago
I concur with Minsok - Minah looks very cute!