One Punch-Man Japanese

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Vol. 18 Ch. 89 - Hotpot
Can we all agree that Garoh is a straight-up Tsundere from here on out? I mean, first it was "I don't care about what happens to the old man (Bang)", only to feel relieved when hearing he was safe. Then, he risked his life to save Tareo and now he's -yet again- all about "What happened to the ugly brat? [...] Nah it doesn't concern me." after which he show a furious and very determined face.

Jezus Garoh, will it kill you to be honest with your feelings? It tickles my sadistic side, you know. Stop it.
hard to believe that guy wouldn't just kill the kid there lol
That hotpot scene was great ? TIL Master Bang is left handed.

The chapters have gotten so long it's insane....back in the day there were chapters with only 10 pages of full spread.