Zero no Tsukaima

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Vol. 2 Ch. 9 - The Staff of Destruction
updated 2016? hmmm

Same version as the one released in 2010-2011 though, I'll check it out


Didnt evne get to submitting this comment but I just checked, the files inside are identicle. Sunshinesan probably just rebuilt it in 2016 or something.
@ZdrytchX I think that game is back (at least the rpg maker site is, I didn't check the media fire links) hopefully it is though
That "stUff of destruction" rocket launcher reference from a certain fan made RPGMaker game is actually what brought me to know this series. That game was called "Hayate the Combat Butler!: Dream Apocalypse." Unfortunately you can't actually use the weapon in that said game as a weapon, it's only a key item, so the plot blames it on it being potentially overpowered.

The maker had made sprites for one from tora dora as well, but he mysteriously stopped developing the game all of the sudden for some strange reason and the website host is down. I do have a backup version of it if anyone wants (PM me) but it is without source as it comes from a self-unpacking installer.
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