Don't Touch Me!

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Vol. 1 Ch. 19
@clebras : thx for your consideration to read it here. We appreciate it. The reason why we hate our projects being posted on mangago is written in our tumblr. Thanks for your support by reading our projects here
I enjoy this story! Thank you for sharing the scanlation! I don't know why you don't like mangago but if I have to read it here or only comment here its ok, but I don't see many comments. I am relieved Yu Que got away from Ye Ying before something serious happened. Its a positive yaoi and I prefer it to read consent-sensitive stories if I can find them! Poor doggy Lin Yu Xia is rather a martyr, giving Qin Min the bed and huddling in his blanket. The robe was very funny. I thought that maybe Chinese stories like these posted as web comics were usually only shounen-ai because of fear of censorship in China. I will be so relieved if this is not the case.