Kimi wa mada tori kago no naka

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Ok this one was cool
I thought it gonna end with suicide. My predictions always fail.
both of them be going to hell
that twist... pretty good for a oneshot. Terrifying yet dark and enjoyable. I feel so ambivalent after reading this.
Dayum girl
If feel like Amane is more fucked up in the head than madoka for some reason
lol the author has the same twists in both his one shots
It seems like the cops will be arresting them both
I don't know if this is allowed (don't really see why it wouldn't be) or if it will work, but I think these two could be a really cute and horrible couple and I would love a sequel approximately along these lines:

"Come on Madoka. We know you like it," Siori grins while she pushes me against the wall.
Not again! I'm shivering all over.
They've been gang-raping me for over three weeks now.
Midori is stifling my screams. Holding my arms tight while Shiori holds the bottle up.
They smell so foul both of them. I'm not going to weep this time. I'm not going to give them the satisfaction.
"They got a new supplier. These bottles have a much thicker neck," Shiori laughs.
"Pity we don't have a real dildo," Midori joins her.
Please don't let them take long.
Suddenly I hear a thud. Then another one.
I feel both of them sliding down inside the cubicle they pushed me into.
The guards?
I turn around quickly. Then I back up into a corner of the cubicle. It's Amane!
No way is this possible! This has to be some kind of delusion!
Thinking quickly I squat and grab the bottle.
She came to kill me! How the fuck did she escape?!
"You aren't going to hurt me much with a bottle Madoka."
She holds up a bloody hammer.
"Why always a hammer?" I ask.
If I can stall her maybe a guard will come by.
"It's more practical than a knife I think. And less bloody."
She takes me in from to bottom and smiles. The only way out of the cubicle is through her.
I am completely trapped.
"You are still in a bird cage, Madoka," She giggles as if she can read my mind.
"What does that have to do with anything?" I growl. "When was I ever in a birdcage?"
She looks blank.
"I don't know. It just felt like something funny to say I guess.
I am not here to hurt you Madoka," She smiles reassuringly.
"Then what are you here for?"
"You hurt me pretty badly," She scowls.
"I felt pretty close to killing myself. I dedicated myself to protecting you and all the while you were plotting to have me locked up."
I grit my teeth.
"My therapist kept telling me that because I was so deeply in love with you and felt guilty for your mother's death when you said you didn't blame me I crafted this idealized construct of you in my mind.
She kept telling me that I should learn to imagine a life for myself without you. She told me you were as damaged as I was and it would be better for me to build an emotional attachment to a healthier person. She went on about how you betrayed me and didn't appreciate my devotion.
Then I realized that I was afraid to lose you all this time because I was convinced you would be appalled by the real me. But you have known all of that this entire time and you never judged me."
"I hate you, Amane!" I say in as emphatic a way as I dare.
"Yes, but that's just because you blame me for the death of your mother," She smiles.
"You were fine with the way I love you and the way I protected you. So I realized that what you did was the best thing that could have happened to us. We are both outcasts now. We know the very worst of each other and we are the only ones we can rely on," She cheerfully announces.
I look at her, aghast and perplexed.
"You are completely insane," I mutter.
"Yes, but so are you," She giggles.
"That's what my therapist kept saying.
She won't say that anymore," Amane laughs while waving her hammer.
"How did you even get in here?" I ask.
"I'm not going to tell you all of that right now, Madoka. After all, smugly explaining your master plan is what got you locked up in here in the first place," She declares with a mocking smile.
I glare at her.
"Suffice to say that with the help of a blonde wig and some well-applied mascara I was able to impersonate my therapist. Her belongings together with a little cunning and a little luck did the rest.
I had a feeling they might not be treating you as you deserve in this place," She glares at the corpses lying at my feet and kicks one of them in the head.
"I promise you, nobody unworthy will ever touch you from now on."
"And you are worthy?" I smirk.
"I think I have shown my dedication," She glares.
"I hate you, you filthy deranged bitch. I want you to suffer long and intensely," I sneer cheerfully.
I watch her swallow. But before I know it she grabs the bottle from me and pushes me down onto the toilet.
I know by now she won't hurt me, but it's still a frightening experience.
"You hurt me a lot, Madoka. And I really don't think I deserved any of that. A lot of people would be very happy to have someone so devoted to them. I am sorry for your mother's death, but it was an honest accident. I could only save one of you and I would make the same choice again. And we both know your mother would agree with me."
"Shut up about her, you crazy bitch," I protest, unable to keep my tears in check.
"Fine," She sulks. "But we need to get out of here now."
"Do you really think I am going to break out of prison with you?" I huff.
She stares at me. Her frown slowly evolving into a hatefully confident, bright smile.
"Of course you will."

Sometime later we are driving on a deserted road in some rural area.
"I can't believe we got out so easily," I mutter while watching our environment.
"Compared to getting out of the psych ward your security was a breeze," Amane remarks breezily.
I look at her and grimace.
"Where did you learn to drive anyway?"
"A nephew taught me when I was in middle school. It's been a while now, but I remembered most of it."
She looks attentive.
I follow her eyes and see a car driving up to the crossroads from our left.
"Brace yourself."
I close my eyes, fearing the worst as she drives off in high speed, blocking the other car just when it's about to turn the corner.
"Just kill me now if you are planning more stunts like that!" I yell at her.
"I wasn't going to endanger you, Madoka," She smiles.
I watch as she gets out and walks around the car to meet the driver of the other car. He seems a nice enough man.
"Oh my God! Are you alright?!" I hear him say. "Why did you do that?"
"I'm sorry. I got distracted by my girlfriend and panicked when I realized I was ghost riding. Are you hurt anywhere?"
I see the man's body drop down next to the hood of our car and get out.
"Amane, stop lying to people," I grin viciously. "I am not and never will be your girlfriend."
"As long as I'm acting I might as well dream up my ideal life. Besides, you'll be my girlfriend someday," She smiles while she bludgeons the guy's face beyond recognition and strips his clothes off.
Her confidence is infuriating.
"Never," I hiss. "I will never be your girlfriend, you disgusting, murdering bitch."
She scowls again. I hurt her feelings. Good. I smile contemptuously in delight.
"Just watch the roads!" She barks.
"I'll haul him into our old car.
I watch the mostly flat expanse on every side of us for any car while she drives our old car into a nearby pond and jumps out.
"That was that."
She wipes her hands on her blood spatted shirt and changes it for a new one from the stuff she stole from her therapist.
I silently get in the new car with her as I watch the old car sink into the pond.
She turns the car around over our footsteps and drives us into the direction the guy came from.

Apparently, the guy Amane murdered lived alone in this beautiful but modest western style house here in the country.
The house has an underground parking from which we go to the first floor.
Amane cautiously opens the door to the living room and lets us in after looking around.
I go to the kitchen and get myself something to drink while she checks all the other rooms.
"It's empty," She announces as she comes back. "Not even a dog. Isn't that great?" She smiles.
"What's so great about any of this?" I ask, sitting down in the middle of the room. "We are stuck here for now. And someday someone is going to come looking for that guy you killed..."
"His name was Souma according to his I-phone. Can you believe he didn't even use a lock-code?" She laughs.
"You ruined my life! You murdered my mother!" I begin to cry. The bassline of my situation is coming at me crystal clear now we are in relative safety.
"I am a fugitive. I have no family, no friends, no home, no future..." I sob.
"Are you crying for real?" I hear her ask me.
I look up and notice she has sat down and is watching me with an inquisitive expression.
"You fooled me before by pretending to cry. I don't know if I can trust you anymore when it comes to these things."
"Shut up! My life is ruined and it's all your fault," I sob.
"I'm always going to have to hide. I don't even know how I'm going to get money and I'll always be on the move. And even then they'll find me and bring me back to that place eventually."
Suddenly I feel a kiss on my cheek.
The shock makes me hit her repeatedly.
"Get away from me! Don't you ever dare kiss me again! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"
She hurriedly protects her head with her arms.
"I'm sorry. I just wanted to comfort you."
She moves out of my reach and talks quietly while I continue to sob.
"I'm sorry. I know this isn't how you imagined your future. But you know, you are out of prison now. You are safe. And I know you will think I'm talking nonsense, but I will keep us out of there, I promise. I have several ideas on how to get ourselves new identities and make money.
It's true that we will have to be careful for the rest of our lives, but that doesn't mean we can't be happy."
That stupid bitch who killed my dear mother is going on and on. And I can't stop crying.
I want to die already.
"I'm sorry it came to this Madoka, but it would have been different if you had been honest with me from the start," She sighs.
"But I guess I should have been honest about my feelings too."
I hear her coming closer.
My body is shivering.
I'm tired. I went through a lot today.
"Please just let me be there for you when you need someone. Just imagine I am someone else."
I feel her arms encircle me while I sob on her shoulder.
I haven't got the strength to resist.
I'm sorry mother, I hate her, but I'm too tired. I just can't...

I woke up this morning in Souma's large bed.
Amane said she never knew anyone to sleep so much.
She brought me tea and breakfast on a plate.
I wanted to throw it all on the floor and laugh at her, but I was too hungry and thirsty.
At this moment she is dancing around the room while I return from washing out my dyed hair.
"Lucky, lucky, lucky!" She is singing.
"We are so lucky! I found the codes for his cards! There are all kinds of bank transcripts and stuff in this desk.
With the money this guy has saved up we can live very comfortably for a long while."
She's been going through Souma's belongings this morning while I slept and washed, trying to find out as much as she can about his belongings, work, family and friends.
I guess she's really good at being a murdering lowlife.
"Why are you wearing a towel? Take it off," She says while looking at me expectantly. "I want to see how it looks."
I slowly take the towel from my head and watch her curious expression change into an enchanted smile.
I don't want to make her happy dammit!
"Oh, Madoka! You look breathtaking with dark brown hair too. You are so beautiful!" She says as she walks up to me and holds my hands.
"Get away from me, you filthy bitch!" I yell and struggle to extract myself.
Shocked, she immediately releases me with a hurt expression.
That's better.
I grin while she scowls at me again.
"There's no need to be so mean. I was giving you a compliment."
I study her defiant demeanor.
"You've changed. You would never have talked back like that. You would have thrown yourself off a bridge if I had told you too. That therapist had no business dismissing your crimes or telling you I didn't appreciate you enough! I hate the new you even more than the old one! "
"You're just spoiled, Madoka," She says. "I've done so much for you and it doesn't make the least bit of difference to you. I don't even feel guilty over your mother anymore. It was an accident. And if you could accept that, I know I could make you happy."
She sits down and drinks from the bottle of beer she got out of the refrigerator earlier, studying Souma's I-phone.
I won't feel sorry for her, mother. I promise you I will take this chance to make her feel as miserable as possible.
I sit down too and watch a soap on television but I can't concentrate on it.
I'm not as tired anymore but I still feel miserable.
To think that I'm now staking my hopes on that bitch.
I feel hungry and go to the kitchen.
Souma was going to the airport for a three week holiday alone, Amane discovered. Which means there are not many fresh products. But he has a nicely filled deep freezer and cupboards.
I make us some yakisoba noodles and defrost some sushi.
Amane doesn't like Nigiri, so those are for me.
She gives me a weird blank look when I give her her portion.
I hope she's not enjoying the food.
I just want her to be well fed while she figures out how to build a life for ourselves without getting caught and put in prison again.
Maybe we should just try and go abroad.
It would be a big risk getting past airport security, but once we land in America or the United Kingdom or maybe Brazil, we could disappear.
I shouldn't leave this solely to Amane perhaps. I guess she's clever enough to come up with something, especially if we really do have so much money. This is all her fault anyway and I feel miserable, so let her work it out.
My life is ruined anyway.
"Thank you, Madoka," Amane smiles. "The sushi was yummy."
I stare at her while she turns back to the I-phone.
It did make her happy after all. I should have mixed detergent with her yakisoba.

While I was making dinner Amane discovered the code to Souma's laptop in his I-phone.
I went into the living room to see what she was so excited about.
While I watched her accessing his online banking account I smelled something strange and I went into the kitchen just in time to stop the cooking pan catch fire.
I made sure everything was safe before going back to watch Amane. She was right, Souma became very wealthy by playing the market and investing in bitcoin after he sold the IT company he founded.
With this kind of money, we could pay someone to fly us to Europe with a private jet and live leisurely. We wouldn't be able to do entirely without an income though so Amane would have to get a job.

Amane enjoyed dinner and complimented me.
She ate a lot. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make us less recognizable if she gained some weight, but she should be careful not to become obese.
We're watching a show about a businesswoman falling in love with a new female employee while I cut Amane's hair.
She already dyed hers a few shades lighter this morning and she'll cut a few inches of mine tomorrow.
The show is okay. I'm pretty sure Amane is enjoying it. She's such a girl, I bet she'd cry if the women in the show broke up or something.
"It's done," I say.
I give Amane the mirror and sit down about a meter to her right.
"It looks great!" She grins. I hardly recognize myself. Hello? Who are you?" She waves at the mirror.
Stupid. I look away for a moment so she can't see my face.
"You are very good at this, Madoka. Thank you," She smiles.
"It's just so we don't get recognized," I say while focusing on the television.
"It is no big deal."
We watch the rest of the show in silence. After that, there's a game show.
"I'm not going to kill anyone anymore, Madoka. Not even for you."
I look at her. She sounds and looks as if she's given this a lot of thought. Which in a way is ludicrous.
What is she expecting me to say about that?
I look at the television again.
"You should have decided that before you murdered my mother," I say flatly.
"Yes... Of course."
I hear her fidget.
Then she gets up and leaves.
I hear a door gently close. I think she's going to the garage.
She sounded very sad.
I don't think I've ever seen that look on her face.
I hug my knees while staring at the floor.
I don't care how much it hurts, she deserves a lot more pain.
Part of me expected her to drive off in Souma's car, but she knows better than to draw attention.
I suppose she's sulking or crying.
After a while, I get up and go to the garage.
She's just sitting on the stairs, drawing on the stone step with a pebble like a kid would.
She looks around at me.
"I saw an unopened bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator.
We could have some krupuk with it and celebrate how you found all that money for us."
She stares at me.
I look away, grimacing.
Stupid murdering bitch, just come back to the living room with me.
She gets up and passes me by.
Her eyes are dry.

The champagne is very good.
The game show is still on.
"Couldn't we hire someone with a private jet to fly us abroad?" I ask.
Amane looks at me.
I think I should have stopped at one glass.
"Do you want to live abroad?" She asks.
"We wouldn't have to watch our backs as much as here."
"We'd stand out more."
"We should go to a country our government has bad relations with."
"What country is that?"
"I don't know," I say in a slightly annoyed tone. "I'll look it up tomorrow."
She thinks for a while.
"We are two girls convicted for multiple homicides who escaped prison. I haven't seen any announcements on television yet, but when we do, people will take more notice then if we had been men."
I nod.
"The papers will probably make a big deal about it. Like with the trial, when they implied we were lovers," I grimace.
"Maybe going abroad is a good idea. And the sooner the better,"
She looks at me. "Souma won't stay hidden forever either. As soon as they realize he is dead they will freeze his assets. We should try to leave Japan the day after tomorrow. I found a few ways to give ourselves new identities overseas because I already looked into these things back when we were in school. There are also a few ways we can make ourselves owner of most of Souma's money before they discover he's dead."
I don't know what to think. She really seems like she knows exactly what to do.
She tilts her face at me.
"What is it?" She smiles.
"I was just thinking. We might stand out abroad, but if we can take enough of Souma's money with us we can live like shut-ins for a few years until nobody cares anymore."
"Most people don't even pay attention to these kinds of things anyway. Even if the media make up some wild story about us, people will care even less abroad."
We smile at each other, feeling satisfied that we might save ourselves out of our situation.
Amane yawns.
"I have been busy all day. We better go to bed, because we're going to have to work hard tomorrow too."
"Yes," I say, looking at the bottom of Champagne in my glass.

I went to Souma's room and undressed. There isn't really anything for a girl to wear as a nightdress, but he has some long shirts so I wear one of those.
Then all of a sudden Amane comes in and scares me stupid.
"Can't you knock?" I say.
"Oh. Sorry," She simply replies.
She's wearing nothing but her underwear!
I watch her as she locks the door with a key hanging on a wire.
"What are you doing?!" I ask while she hides the key in her panty.
"Locking the door so you can't get out without me knowing," she says frankly.
"I hope you don't think you are sleeping in here and I want you to leave the door open."
"I am going to sleep in here and I am leaving the door locked.
I still can't trust you not to stab me in the back, so I really don't care how you feel about this," She scowls.
"These will be our sleeping arrangements for as long as I say so."
I grit my teeth. How dare she?!
"You didn't have any problem sleeping together last night," She grins.
"You looked very cute sleeping in my arms, Madoka."
My cheeks feel hot. I swallow and put my arms around my body.
"How dare you?!"
She lies down in the bed.
"At least put one of these on."
I throw her one of the shirts.
She catches it and tosses it away.
"I'm not wearing that in bed. It's warm enough as it is."
She gets under the sheet and closes her eyes, sleeping on her side, facing me.
There's nothing I can do.
I grit my teeth again and feel frustration wash away into my drunkenness.
Lazily and resentfully I get into bed on the right side and cover myself with the sheets.
There isn't much room between us. But I try to keep some distance.
"Why can't you be more considerate? You made my entire life revolve around you and it's still not enough. You always do exactly what you want without caring what I want."
"That's not true," She answers in a drowsy murmur.
"I'm trying to make you happy and not do things you hate."
I look at her face and sulk.
"Goodnight Madoka. I love you."
My face grows hot again and I nearly roll out of the bed.
Why did she have to say it so direct?
After a while, I hear a faint hum coming from her.
It's not an irritating snore, it's kind of soothing.
I lay down my head and look at her face after flicking off the light.
I never noticed before, but Amane has a pretty face.
She has round cheeks, long eyelashes, and neat eyebrows.
Her lips are very neat too. Not too thick and not too thin.
She looks cute when she's asleep.
She could have had any number of boys or girls fall in love with her if she hadn't hung around me so much.
Both of our lives would have been very different.
Now our fates are intertwined and we might never extract ourselves from each other.
I stare at her in the darkness and wonder.
"Why me?" I whisper.
Without warning, she rolls closer and puts her arm around me.
Her forehead leans against my shoulder.
I fume for a while, but eventually, I become tired and close my eyes.
I hate you Amane. You ruined my entire life and made it all about you. And to make it so much worse, you made me feel safe sleeping in your embrace.
Cold? Euh... Not really. Rather I wonder if the mangaka realizes he had this "cunning" girl confess to being an accessory to multiple homicides in front of several police officers and that the serial killer whose heart she just broke will probably be locked up in the same psych-ward as her ?
I kind of want to read a sequel about that. Should be fun :)
Damn, that's stone-cold.
I was in for the art, but the story killed me...
…………………….DAFUQ...I don't think I am getting any sleep tonight….