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FredFriendly 22 days ago
There are very few things that would cause me to abandon this project, but Coco's attempt to portray Ookuma as a "nice guy," coupled with Chiyo's continued attitude that it is more important to keep a secret with Ookuma than to tell her best friend the truth about him (let alone tell her boyfriend), is getting seriously close to my breaking point. I don't know where this is headed, but I can say that I'm not enjoying the ride. For me, spending hours upon hours scanlating while staring at Ookuma's face is tedious at best...
Ju2c0c0 25 days ago
Yeah, we all know that characters who are smiling with closed eyes are suspicious!!!
superdoofus 26 days ago
The guy smiles way too much; I'd say that's a cause for suspicion.
VladDracul2 27 days ago
There's no reason for her to believe the contrary: he has yet to prove anything in her eyes and grudges are sometimes more powerful than the benefit of doubt.
KCS 27 days ago
The dumbest part is that there is literally no reason for her to believe that Ookuma hasn't changed since he wronged her in middle school, and just thinks he's a piece of shit that will do the same to her friend because she's still holding a grudge from like 5 years ago.
blob 27 days ago
Robin is their teacher
Vlad 27 days ago
Robin? Who? I don't remember
Lithe 27 days ago
If you're not expecting that by now in this comic, I'm not sure what to tell you.

I have a feeling that you were expecting it and secretly enjoy it. I know that's why I read it.
Shootyagoo 27 days ago
Unnecessary drama, ahoy!