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Blubbly 27 days ago
Talk about a bigger plot twist. Sigh I feel conflicted about the ending. I don't think I would have minded this much if they just left off the twist at the end, even with Suga and Narumi not reuniting.
alphagudetama 28 days ago
Like what did I just read. So basically the doctor still manipulated parts to her satisfaction still? Damn...
Roiya 28 days ago
Oh man I feel like the ending was such a let down. I wanted her to see Narumi again....but I hope this can be interpreted as her becoming more open as a person and growing. The doctor lady was manipulative, yes but that doesn't discount all the experiences our heroine went through.
sukaley 29 days ago
I get what the author was going for with the mothers and the "what is real or fake" at the end.... but damn did I just want a cheesy reunion scene for the two MCs.