Isekai Omotenashi Gohan Japanese

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1.2 - Onee-chan and Jiggly Pudding Made with Fresh Eggs ②
This is a cute manga, but I agree. The isekai theme is not only useless, it makes the reader confused, like where is the electricity come from to cook? The water? The wastes? The ingredients?
Page 9, lower right panel: Did anyone else felt compelled to read that along to the tune of ODB's "Got Your Money" (with altering some words to fit, of course)?

(Hey, Onee / Baby where is my pudding / Are they done yet / I said hey)

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I don't understand what was the point of making this an Isekai...

If they wanted to create a situation where the big sister feels useless while being pampered, they could have gone with something like: "The little sister is actually to be married to a prince from another country, and has to do a lot of training in order to be ready." or "After her high school entrance exams, they realised that the little sister in actually a super genius, and she and her big sister are brought to government facilities to help furthering her genius more."

This isekai setting is not only useless for the moment, they even ignore anything what could make a bit of "Isekai drama".
Like electricity and gas working, the eggs are exactly like our earth's, same for the rest of the ingredients... No problems with language, tradition or religion. Seems like in this "medieval society", women are treated the same as men too. She can even order around a knight (and a noble at that...) without anyone batting an eye.

If this is just a cooking manga with absolutely no reason to be an isekai (I'll give it 2 more chapters), then I'm dropping this.
@ LayZzz

I was just ripping at the part, where they show cooking utensils and appliances from our world being used like normal without much explanation despite them being in another world.
@GurryCurryBurry if you think fantasy world there should be things like magic stones so maybe they use that to power the stuff in the house. It has been a month since they've been there after all
That pudding looks so delicious...
I'm not drooling for pudding. >_>
Thanks to almighty magic they even get their gas and their electricity in the new world. What a convenient magic spell.
Awww what loving sisters