Koi Inu Japanese

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Ch. 132 - Mushroom Faction vs Bamboo Faction
That old chestnut, Asain Shyness and Courtesy trope. So many stories use it as a "clever" plot device. Can't be having people talk about their issues. How else are you gonna use it for an arc later on, when it's blown up out of proportion and liable to destroy a relationship?

It's also almost the entire basis of NTR hentai.
Ya know, Chiyo, things would be a lot less complicated if you could just be open and honest with your "best friend" and tell her the truth and why you're concerned instead of lying to her (and your boyfriend) about Ookuma. Of course, Yuna probably already knows that you had a thing for Ookuma since she was eavesdropping on your conversation with him back at the festival...