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Rambles 10 days ago
Can't wait for the Sakura lady to show up later, only to glimpse Rokudou.
ReaperCreeper 12 days ago
I see it coming back up in a later arc.
Nogoodnms 12 days ago
Fuck yeah, that's super sweet. Good shit.
CoolOtamegane 12 days ago
I think sakura Would "Fell" in rokudou Charm
"Milf Acquired" "Harem+1" "Bloodbath Yandere" 😂
DrWhoCares 12 days ago
Best girl gets happy ending.
lordsigurd 12 days ago
This series continues to impress me. I'm real glad it is actually popular.
Fuko 12 days ago
straight into onsen episode
Tikibo 12 days ago
What really interests me is Rokudou's curse. Will it work on Sakura?
Dezaki 12 days ago
Thats cute but i kinda hope Ranna destroy that sakura wench. That would settle the root of the problem