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Larf91 2 days ago
Now I feel sad.
I hope the author is ok.
redmikan 1 month ago
What a sad dayyy :(( The story was getting interesting too :'(

Well, I just hope Pugum is okay.
sukaley 1 month ago
No ): Just when it was starting to get into the mystery.......... I hope Pugum is able to focus on getting well at least ): What an unfortunate situation.
daijokay 1 month ago
aww im sad :(((( whatever lah i hope Pugums okay
nasenbein 1 month ago
So all that is left is to hope the author gets better.
Too bad, the story and art was quite good.
blob 1 month ago
NOOOOOOOOOOO what a cliffhanger to stop on! Hope it gets finished someday ;o;