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Darkchango 13 days ago
the solution is that Sakura meet Rokugou, she falls in love and debt is over. If the curse works on old hags
Niddhoggyr 15 days ago
That Order hasn't been rescinded...ranna will continue pursuing her objective.
Evilnow8 15 days ago
We don't know anything about Ranna's parents so maybe she is her mother? That would be huge right?
Liar 15 days ago
Oh, a woman gangster? Whelp, I guess it's over. Rokudou will seduce her.
DemonHide 15 days ago
The way that lady was looking at that eggplant, it might not be money she's after. Ha!
boag 15 days ago
This series keeps taking darker and darker turns.
Thomaster 15 days ago
Eh... I find his motive of not wanting to die very relatable.

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ColonelPabs254 15 days ago
Wait does Rokudou have parents?
Gimmy 15 days ago
MILF acquired in 3....2.....1.....
Fuko 15 days ago
so she cannot possibly be the mother of the bat?
Tenri 15 days ago
Sakura doesn't play around.
Vasqueztion 15 days ago
Oh, looks like she finished with the biter.
aztrew91 15 days ago
You did this to yourself, dafuq?
BestBoy 15 days ago
Well, I was almost right about the ear thing. Kind of caught me off guard, to be honest. I wonder what'll happen if/when Sakura meets Rokudou.
Kraeth 15 days ago
Eh, you play with fire long enough and you'll get burned.