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uvarine 12 days ago
I have gift for you!

*chapter ended*

kuma 12 days ago
author playing my heart like a fiddle...
Kisato 12 days ago

Works out for the best though, this way both can be happy, and we might get to see more of her and Kurt.
caseo78 12 days ago
Looks like Abby is going to get that dad with Evan's dad after all
PervySageChuck 12 days ago
My guess is that the "gift" is the real criminal that the prince was mistaken for and that Evans will probably tell Oakley to take him in for the bounty.
RandomPasserby 12 days ago
I bet that Oakley didn't notice that she spoke it out loud instead of thinking it.
Monky 12 days ago
Jesus what a cliffhanger.

Also did Oakley confess or is the tl havin us for a giggle?
TamaSaga 12 days ago
There's only enough room for one Alpha to look good.
Nolonar 12 days ago
"I would've done the same if it was for Evans."
Oakley basically confessed, and Evans didn't react?
ColonelPabs254 12 days ago
@lightingcloud The gift is "she said she is your younger sister".
leaderreborn 12 days ago
the gap between the master and the apprentice is too big
Markgraf 12 days ago
Straight-talking Kurt has Abby rushing back into a gunfight to make sure the date happens. Evans, are you paying attention to this?!?!
lightingcloud 12 days ago
Nuoooooooo what's the gift?
belkrax 12 days ago
also im betting abby´s boss is the baddie
belkrax 12 days ago
holy shit that lowkey love confession from oakley